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Description of YoWApp

YoWApp APK is an excellent mod app, and it comes with lots of exclusive features. Here you can experience amazing extra features that are not available on official WhatsApp. Moreover, by using this mod app, you can secure your messages and privacy and enhance the user experience.

This latest YoWApp application offers such tremendous features that it will leave you with a jaw-dropping moment. Using it, you can have lots of fun while messaging with friends. However, it will allure you to fall over with its interior customization option and even smoother personalized messaging features.

So, keep reading to find out their features in detail.

Features Of YoWApp App

If you are tired of using limited features on official WA, then you will be happy to know that the mod application has so many exclusive features that you have been craving for so long time. Now you can have smooth experiences while messaging with people all around the world.

Here you will have access to lots of attractive exclusive features so that you can customize your personalized message and design that suits your preference. Let’s have a look at the features that they offer to the user.

Anti-delete Messages: YoWApp mod app introduced an anti-delete message feature.

By using this feature, you can now be able to see other people's deleted messages easily. You can also retrieve your own deleted messages effectively. So, by any chance, if some of your friends delete messages while chatting, then you can easily view those messages without letting them know.

Enhanced Themes: With this mod app you can customize your interface design according to your choice. Here you will get various theme design options, by applying these features you can customize everything from theme design to font color, background color, tick color, and so on.

Hide Last Seen: The hidden last seen feature allows users to avoid specific contact.

This feature is very handy when you don't want a specific contact to know about your presence online. Furthermore, by using this feature you can hide your last seen, blue ticks, double ticks, and so on. Consequently, if you don't want other people to know about your activity online, then this feature will be very useful for you.

Send a Message to the Unsaved Number: In this YoWApp modified version, you will be able to send a message to people without saving their number on your phone. So, if you feel too lazy to save contact on your phone, then the feature will be very convenient for you.

Simply type your contact number on your phone then just press on the send message button.

Send Long Videos: On official WhatsApp, you will find limitations while sharing video files. Due to feature limitations, you won’t be able to send large file-size videos to your friends. But on this mod app, you can now share large file sizes very comfortably.

See Deleted Stories: This feature allows users to view their friend’s deleted stories. So, by using this feature now you won’t miss out on any stories from your friends and family.

Freeze Last Seen: With this mod app feature, you can freeze your last seen.

If you don’t want a specific contact to know about your last seen presence online, then you can utilize this feature. It allows users to show their last seen in older times so that specific contacts don't notify when your original presence was.

Download Status: Sometimes you may find some interesting statuses from your friends and family, but due to official WA limitations you may not be able to download or save that status. Luckily for you, in this mod app, you will get the download status feature, which will allow you to download status smoothly.

Block Specific Person from Calling: YoWApp app allows users to block specific contacts from calling. So, whenever you feel irritated by some specific contact, simply block that person from calling without notifying them.

Various Emojis: Here on this mod app, you will get so many various emojis to make your conversation with your family and friends more interesting and fun. You can also customize emoji colors and designs to bring soothing to your message box environment.

How To Backup YoWApp Chats

Backup is very important so that you don’t lose any of the important messages that you get from close friends and family. To do that, follow the specific steps below.

First Step: Download YoWApp APK from here and then install it on your device.

Second Step: Open the app on your device. Then go to the chat section and tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Third Step: Select the Settings option.

Fourth Step: Then access the Chat Section.

Fifth Step: Now Select the Chat Backup Option.

Sixth Step: Lastly, press on the Back-Up Button.

Done, you have successfully back up the important data on Android.

How To Update YoWApp Application

Always update the mod app on your device to have more exclusive customization features and functionality. If you don’t know how to do it, then follow the step-by-step guide below to keep always up to date.

Step 1: Open YoWApp MOD APK and go to the settings option from the home screen.

Step 2: Next tap on the Help option.

Step 3: Now tap on App Info.

Step 4: On App Info, you will get information on whether the Yo WApp is updated or not.

Step 5: If you find that your app is not updated, then you can simply get the updated mod app from our site.

Why is my YoWApp not updating?

Sometimes, due to a clear cache issue, you won’t be able to update the application on your device. To fix this issue, go to the device settings, then tap Apps and Notification > App info > Storage > Clear Cache > tap Clear Data > then Restart your device.

Will uninstalling YoWApp delete photos?

Uninstalling YoWApp will not impact your mod app media files such as photos, videos, documents, etc. Instead, this app has lots of features to keep your messages and documents secure. So, without worrying about anything you can use this excellent mod app effectively.


YoWApp APK allows users to explore various exclusive features.

If you are concerned about your privacy, then this mod application will be the ideal choice. Here, you won't be stuck on limited features like Official WhatsApp. Instead, you will get customized options and lots of unique features to enhance a smooth messaging experience with family and friends.


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