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WhatsApp Princess

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Description of WhatsApp Princess

WhatsApp Princess APK provides users with lots of innovative features to enhance the messaging experience. By using this mod app, users can enhance their productivity and efficiency. It will introduce you to a completely new messaging environment that you have never experienced before.

Here on this latest WhatsApp Princess application, you will get UI pink color themes and a princess Disney layout that you usually do not get from any third-party tool. You will also get privacy and interface customization options to build a stunning look and secure messaging box.

Features Of WhatsApp Princess App

It's a phenomenal mod app for Android users. You can now communicate with people all around the world more effectively than ever. This mod app feature will give users a completely new vibe so that while chatting with people they can have a smooth experience.

Now have a look at cool features in more detail below.

Unique Interface: It allows users to have a pink interface design. Usually, you won't get this pink color theme from other mod apps. So, to experience a pink color theme you must use this WhatsApp Princess mod app.

Send a Message to Yourself: You can now use this amazing feature to set you up for any remainder or your note. Consequently, you can easily enhance your productivity and efficiency by sending messages to your own.

Post Voice Notes for Status: Post your voice notes for status. It will make your status story more interesting and fun.

Hide Online Status: Effectively hide your online status from specific people. Moreover, you can fully control your privacy by hiding blue ticks, second ticks, typing recording indications, and much more.

Customizable Notifications: This feature will alert you to changes in your font color, profile pic, and font style as it helps you stay updated and bring a modern look to your messaging environment.

Activate VPN proxy: While using official WhatsApp, you may find some restrictions while chatting or calling some countries. Now with this WhatsApp Princess modified version VPN proxy feature, you can break that shackle, by easily calling and sending messages all over the world.

Auto-replay services: This fantastic feature allows users to set a date and time to send an auto-replay to their specific contact. It gives the user flexibility. If you have a much busier schedule, then you can set an auto-replay for your specific contact to respond promptly.

Download stories: Download the story from anyone. Sometimes you may find some interesting videos or images in the status story and wish to download them. Now with this mod app, you can easily download anyone's story without letting them know.

Additional Button: This phenomenal feature will assist you in sending multiple messages at once with a single click. With this feature, you can enhance your productivity in the virtual world, especially while chatting with family and friends. It will play a crucial role.

Change WhatsApp Princess Style: With this mod app, you can change the emoji type, font style, and icon style to bring a different vibe to your messaging box.

Backup and Restore: With this fantastic feature, you will be able to back up your all-important messages. This will allow you to secure all your messages and retrieve them easily.

Avatar: With this mod app, you can make unique avatars to make your messaging experience with people more interesting. It will make your chatting experience more enjoyable.

How To Record Calls On WhatsApp Princess

If you want to record a call on this app, then follow the below-step process.

First Step: To begin with, download WhatsApp Princess APK from here. Then open the mod app on your device.

Second Step: Now initiate a call on your mod app.

Third step: Next without ending the call, close out the call. (All Android phones support multitasking, so you can do this while keeping calls on the line easily).

Fourth Step: Open your voice recording app.

Fifth Step: Hit record.

How To Block Someone On WhatsApp Princess

If any specific person irritates you and you want to block them on your app, then follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Princess MOD APK on your device.

Step 2: Tap more options.

Step 3: Now tap on Settings.

Step 4:  Next tap on privacy > Blocked contacts.

Step 5: Type Add.

Step 6: Lastly, select the specific number that you want to block. “Done” you have blocked successfully.

When you block someone on WhatsApp Princess can they tell?

No, usually this mod app won’t directly notify anyone. If you want to block any specific number, you can easily block them without letting them know.

Can you see if a blocked number has tried to contact you?

Normally, on the original WhatsApp, you won't get any notification if the blocked person tries to reach out to you. However, this mod app feature will allow you to get a notification if the person you blocked tries to reach out to you.

Can WhatsApp Princess detect screen recordings?

No, the mod app won’t notify you if anyone is trying to screen record. To prevent this type of incident, you can block a specific person from calling you that you feel is suspicious.


WhatsApp Princess APK allows users to customize everything from A to Z for their privacy settings. You can create your own fully secure messaging environment, which will make your messaging experience more enjoyable with family and friends.

To enjoy this exciting feature, download the mod app now.

WhatsApp Princess

27.00 Abu Laith

78.59 MB

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