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WhatsApp Watusi

2.19.92 Fouad Raheb

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Description of WhatsApp Watusi

WhatsApp Watusi APK introduces lots of unique features, which you can’t find in official WhatsApp because of their limited restriction. With this mod application, you can make your messages with your friends and family more interesting and enjoyable.

You will also be able to use it on your iOS devices.

Usually, we have seen mod applications developed for Android devices, but on WA Watusi, you will get the opportunity to use it on your iPhone. The latest WhatsApp Watusi app comes with lots of exciting features that you don’t want to miss out on having an experience.

Let's dive right into the details of the features.

Features of WhatsApp Watusi Application

As an Android user, you may wish to have lots of features on your original WhatsApp. However, we all know official WA has limitations, and not all mod applications are supported on Android devices, but in the WhatsApp Watusi mod app, now you get the opportunity to use it on your device.

It is a mod app developed for Android and iOS users. Here you will get various features to make your message with people more fun and colorful. This mod app also focuses on user privacy and security, so that users can use the app without any worrying.

Now look into the below to find out what features you will get on this mod application.

Last Seen Freezing: With this mod app, you can control your last seen. If you don’t want your contact to know about your presence online, you can apply this feature.

Auto Replay: On the WhatsApp Watusi mod app, you will find an auto replay feature, which will make your daily life conversation with people more effective. This feature allows you to set messages for specific contacts so that when you are unable to respond they will still get a reply like an email.

View All Groups On a Single Screen: This mod app feature allows users to view all the groups on a single screen. If you wish to see all your groups on a single screen, then now you can do it more easily than ever.

Increased Delete for Everyone’s Time: In the original WhatsApp, you may notice that when you like to delete some messages while chatting, it gives a few seconds for the user to choose the delete option. As a result, sometimes users can’t delete the message.

But on this WhatsApp Watusi modified version, you can increase the time limit whether the default time is up or not doesn’t matter.

Confirmation box before video/ voice call: With this mod app you will get a confirmation box feature. By applying this feature, you can set up a confirmation option, which will help you prevent accidentally calling your friends or family. Because every time you like to call someone it will take permission from you before a video call or audio call by confirmation box.

Lock Messages: With this lock message feature, you can secure all your private messages that you think are sensitive. It allows users to set a PIN or password on their mod WhatsApp to keep it completely secure.

Sticker Managers: Here on this mod application, you will get lots of cool stickers and emojis which will make your message with your friends and family more fun and colorful.

Recording Call: With this WhatsApp Watusi app, you can now effectively record calls, it will help you keep a record of any important calls that you feel you need to listen to one more time.

Hide Profile: If you don’t want a specific contact to view your profile, then you can use the Hide Profile feature. It works perfectly to hide your profile from your selective contacts that you don’t want to show them.

Theme Support: Here on this app, you will get lots of theme choices to make your interface look more stunning. By applying this feature, you can change the appearance of your message and make your conversation with people more interesting.

How To Use WhatsApp Watusi

After installing the app, if you are struggling to navigate the app properly, then the following steps below will assist you in using the mod app smoothly.

For sending messages,

First Step: Download WhatsApp Watusi APK from here and then open it.

Second Step: Next look at the panel icon and simply tap on it. Then you will find the message option.

Third Step: After finding the message box, click on the right-hand corner of your screen to compose a message.

Fourth Step: Select the contact or type the name on the search bar.

Fifth Step: After choosing your contact you are ready to type in the message box.

To make an audio-video call,

First Step: Open WhatsApp Watusi MOD APK on your device as regular.

Second Step: On your phone screen, search for the call label icon. Then to make a call, simply tap on the call icon.

Third Step: Then make a video call to apply the same process. Now, instead of tapping on the call icon, you should tap on the video icon. This will lead you to a video call.

Fourth Step: In conclusion, when you are about to finish, simply tap on the red icon on your phone.

How To Update WhatsApp Watusi

Following the steps below will help you to update it on your device smoothly.

Step 1: First things first, open WhatsApp Watusi APK on your device.

Step 2: On the top right corner, where you will notice the person icon, simply tap on it.

Step 3: After tapping on the person icon, scroll down to see the available and upcoming updated versions.

Step 4: Then on that list find Watusi WhatsApp and tap on update to install the new version.

Why can't I update my WhatsApp Watusi?

When you notice that you're unable to update WhatsApp Watusi on your phone, don’t worry, this usually happens due to phone storage. If you don't have enough space, you will be unable to Update it on your device. Simply clear your storage to fix the issue.

Does WhatsApp Watusi update automatically?

WhatsApp Watusi updates automatically, but to do that you need to make sure that you have enabled the update option on your device. So that it can update automatically when the new version is available.


WhatsApp Watusi APK is a great choice for messaging app lovers due to its fantastic features and functionality. It allows users to experience a unique feature that users are not used to with their original one. Therefore, to make your messaging experience more interesting, download it now.

WhatsApp Watusi

2.19.92 Fouad Raheb

68.93 MB

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Fouad Raheb




68.93 MB

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