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Description of MBWhatsApp

MBWhatsApp APK is a wonderful modified app that has converted from the official WhatsApp. It has many new features that give users an excellent experience of virtual communication. Every day, users can connect and communicate with millions of people through the app.

People feel bored looking at cliché functions.

So, they search for unique features and functions. If people find different elements in any app they must catch them without thinking twice. Here, you are assured that the latest MBWhatsApp app brings some useful, attractive, and distinctive features that are not available in official WA.

The amazing matter is that the MBWhatsApp application boosts communication experience. Now, using this app, you can connect and communicate with millions of people worldwide by exchanging text messages, and making audio & video calls.

Besides, you get an opportunity to start a group and invite people to join. By making a group video call, you can hang out virtually with your friends and share your happiness, sorrows, and feelings. Here, you get a boundaryless world. No physical movement or meeting is required.

Everything goes on virtually in real-time.

Key Features Of MBWhatsApp

Use 2 Accounts: You can use official and unofficial simultaneously without tackling any hassle resulting in serving two purposes. Use 2 apps, you can segregate your communication channels. So, there is no option to get confused.

Huge New Themes: More than 3000 news unique themes. You can choose from the list to change the outlook or appearance of the app.

Customize and create different stickers: MBWhatsApp app has an in-built tool that helps to personalize the sticker and react during the chatting.

Don’t Show Forward Tag: If you forward any file to other people it does not display any forward tag. As a result, the receiver does not understand whether it is a forwarded message or a normal sending.

Allowing more characters to write status: Generally, official WhatsApp permits only 139 characters of status to post which is somewhat short to express the feeling. But, the MBWhatsApp MOD app allows 250 characters which helps to detail the feeling.

Flexibility to use more elements to customize the app: You find more background colors, wallpapers, and colors to change the home screen and chat screen appearance.

Password Protected the chat: You can Protect your privacy or private messages by using PIN, Pattern, and Password.

Anti Ban: Often, different apps get caught ban. This app never gets caught banned as it has an antiban feature that Protects it. So, you do not fall into losing your valuable data and information.

Anti-message deletion: Intentionally or unintentionally receiver or sender may delete the message. Don’t worry, this application has enabled Anti message delete function that is able to help to see the deleted messages.

Hide connection status: You do not need to delete your account to avoid unwanted situations. From the unnecessary calls, and messages.

Freeze last connection: You are online but nobody can trace you if you freeze your online status. Whatever you see online nobody senses it.

More instant reaction elements: There are hundreds of new and attractive emojis, emoticons, stickers, smiles, GIFs, and so on. So, during the chat with your friends, you can express your different feeling by clicking on the instant reaction elements.

Screen lock: MBWhatsApp can be kept Protected from unwanted access by locking the screen using the password. So, you can keep your account private.

Font Size: Change your text font size i.e. small, medium, and large.

Share large files: You can send and share documents, images, and videos that are comparatively large. But, original WhatsApp allows sharing small files. So, you can rely on the MBWhatsApp application considering this feature.

Zoom in and zoom out the Profile picture: Normally, Profile photos remain in a small circle. So, you do not see it clearly to identify the person. You can zoom the picture to recognize the person.

Block notification, messages, and calls: Sometimes, different companies and brands Promote their Products. They make calls, and send messages & notifications. In this case, you can block them permanently.

Call all numbers: Users can make calls that are not on the contact list.

More Characters to Post Status: This app allows you to write 250 characters. So, you can write your status comparatively detailed way.

Auto reply: Set different default questions and answers. When you are not available online. It supports giving some default question answers. That helps to keep continue the communication.

Creating a message-sending schedule: In advance, you can send the message by creating different scheduled times, dates, and days. So, there is no chance to miss any important messages to send.

How To Create A Group On MBWhatsApp

  1. Go to the MBWhatsApp APK application’s Home Screen and click on the 3 dots.
  2. Now, you find several options, at the top you see the New Group option. Tap on it.
  3. Now, popup your contacts to add some from the list.
  4. Click on the Green Arrow the below.
  5. Type the Group subject or name.
  6. Then, click on the green tick.
  7. Finally, the group is created.
  8. At last, you can click on the circle to add the Profile picture. You can use the camera to snap instantly or take from the device gallery and choose emojis or web search.


What is MBWhatsApp?

It is a modified application that is customized from the official WhatsApp. You can use it to communicate with people by chatting and making audio-video calls. It creates a distinctive position for its nice extra features that are not available in the original one.

Is MB WhatsApp a legal application?

Yes, it is a 100% legal app for Android users. It set up maintaining all legal Procedures. Besides, the app never breaches any legal rules that create a hassle for the users. So, you can use it without fear of legal entanglement and complexity.

In Conclusion

MBWhatsApp APK is a safe and secure communication mod app developed for Android users. You can use it to find millions of people and get acquainted with them. In this way, explore your minded people leading to hanging out with the people and getting different ideas from diverse people of the world.


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