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Dodi WhatsApp

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Description of Dodi WhatsApp

Dodi WhatsApp APK is also known as a DYOWA mod app which is modified by Dodi Hidayat. Its variety of features will make you feel wonderful and mesmerized. Here you can customize according to your choice and decide the interface that suits your preference.

On the latest Dodi WhatsApp application, you will get lots of features such as hiding online status to language translator, theme customization, and so on. Usually these types of features, you won’t get on the original WhatsApp, that’s why this mod app gained so much popularity around the world.

This app assists you in having a smooth experience while messaging and makes you feel safe as well. Moreover, its privacy and security functionality will encourage you to choose it from various mod apps. To find out why this app’s features are so attractive, keep reading about its features in detail.

Features Of Dodi WhatsApp App

If you are an Android user, then you can now easily experience the most functional features on your device. However, you can also use it on your iOS device. Here you can explore lots of unique wonderful features, and with these features, you can express your emotions more strongly than ever.

Its privacy security feature will give you stress-free moments, without worrying you can now keep your sensitive messages secure. Let’s explore this mod app's distinctive features and understand why it's so special.

Antivirus: With this Dodi WhatsApp mod app, you will get its anti-virus feature. It will assist you in preventing any external malware or viruses so that you can use the mod app virus-free.

Creative Text Style: Now with this feature, you can customize your font style to give your font appearance a more stylish look.

Video Status Trimming and Editing: Here on this mod app, you will get a video status editing feature. It’s a completely simple video editing tool, by using this feature you can modify and trim your video status effectively.

Status Customization: Status Customization feature allows users to become creative. Here you can add gradient color to the back written status. You can also add different cover picture colors to give a more stunning look to your status.

Forward limit Increased: Now with this Dodi WhatsApp modified version app, you can forward your messages to your many friends without facing any issues.

Delta Voice Changer: This mod app introduces a very interesting feature, which is a voice changer.

The feature allows users to change their voice while sending voice messaging. To make your voice message more interesting and fun, you can now use this feature on this mod app while chatting with family and friends.

Delta Message Bomb: Basically, its features allow users to send in various ways to share emojis to make their message more expressive with close friends.

Messaging Assistant: This messaging assistant feature will effectively bring fluency to your writing and help you communicate with your close friends. This will auto-correct and provide an auto-set template to enhance the messaging experience.

Theme Customization: On this mod app, you will get hundreds of theme customization features. By using this feature, you can customize it according to your choice.

Language Translator: Sometimes you may have trouble communicating with a different language. Keep in mind that the Dodi feature introduces a language translator feature, which allows users to translate to a different language if they face any trouble while communicating.

How To Use Dodi WhatsApp

If you are facing trouble navigating the Dodi WhatsApp app on your Android device, then you may want to look at the following steps:

For sending messages,

First Step: Download Dodi WhatsApp APK from here and then open it.

Second Step: Next look at the panel icon and simply tap on it. There you will notice a message option.

Third Step: After finding the message box, click on the right-hand corner of your screen to compose a message.

Fourth Step: Then select the contact or type the name on the search bar.

Fifth Step: Lastly, choose the contact and you are ready to type in the message box.

To make an audio-video call,

First Step: Open the app at first.

Second Step: Next on your phone screen, search for the call label icon. Then to make a call, simply tap on the call icon.

Third Step: If you want to make a video call then apply the same process. Now, instead of tapping on the call icon, you should tap on the video icon. This will lead you to a video call.

How To Restore Backup On Dodi WhatsApp

To restore your backup, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Open Dodi WhatsApp MOD APK on your device.

Step 2: Next verify your number.

Step 3: Then tap restore, to restore your chats and media from Google Drive.

Step 4: Finally, after restoration is complete, tap next. Then you will notice that the backup is displayed.

Why can't I restore my Dodi WhatsApp messages?

If you are not using the same number that was used to create the backup, then you won't be able to restore the old messages.

Are deleted messages gone forever?

On our official WhatsApp, you may not be able to receive the message once it has been deleted. But on this Dodi WhatsApp application, you will get a feature that will help you back up all your messages and assist you in retrieving any deleted messages.


Dodi WhatsApp APK offers several unique and varied features.

This will enhance your user experience. To make your messaging experience exciting and fun with your family and friends, you can consider this fantastic app on Android. So, download and explore the features of this wonderful mod app.

Dodi WhatsApp

14.30 DodiStudio

74.19 MB

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