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WhatsApp Red

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Description of WhatsApp Red

WhatsApp Red APK is an excellent mod app to connect and communicate with people all over the world digitally. Users like the app for its useful new added extra features and functions. You can modify and customize this app by adding and deducting different elements.

A developer named Abu Arab converted WhatsApp into the latest WhatsApp Red application. Its different icons and user interface are shaped in red. So, it looks nice. Users frequently choose the app for its user interface and useful functions & features.

This APK version app allows customizing the app by adding external and internal functional resources and elements such as icons, tabs, text fonts, background colors, wallpapers, themes, and so on. As a result, you can design your app at your own will.

Important Features of WhatsApp Red App

Some key features that do not available in WhatsApp. Let’s see what are those,

  • Exchange Instant Messages: You can write text messages and exchange them with your friends and family who are on your contacted and uncontacted list. You can use the app to communicate 24/7.
  • Make Audio And Video Calls: Users can make audio & video calls without spending money. Everything looks like a real-time meeting. So, there is no need to go physically.
  • Create Groups: People don’t have much time to meet their friends for hanging out. The WhatsApp Red app creates a great opportunity to hang out virtually with the group members. You just open a group and invite the people to join.
  • Schedule The Message By Date And Time: It is a wonderful feature for those who are busy. Sometimes, they forget to send their important messages. In this case, they can schedule in advance to maintain the date and time to send several messages. Users can wish for their closest one on different occasions such as on marriage anniversaries, and birthdays.
  • Copy Media Caption: WhatsApp Red permits the user to copy the caption of different photos and videos that others friends share.
  • Mute Calls: There is an option to mute incoming calls. So, the sound of the call never damages your serious and important work.
  • Hide Profile: You can hide your profile picture. name, and description. Nobody identifies or recognizes Whoever is on your contact list.  
  • Send Voice Notes By Changing Different Tones: Create voice notes and change the original tones
  • Personalize Themes: WhatsApp Red latest version stores new themes that are used to modify the appearance of the app. As a consequence, people customize the outlook of the app frequently.
  • Many New Wallpapers: Chat background can be changed by setting new wallpapers. So, it creates great comfort to communicate with people.
  • More Instant Reaction Elements: To react instantly, some new and attractive symbols are added in this app such as smileys, emojis, emoticons, GIFs, stickers, etc. So, emotion and feeling can be expressed easily and quickly.
  • Automatic Reply: When users are not available online auto-reply performs its activity to answer the question of the message senders. So, there is no gap created between the message sender and the receiver.
  • Change Text Font to create Statuses: Whenever you need to create your status you can use different text formats to make the status more attractive.
  • Long video Status: WhatsApp Red latest version permits 5 minutes of video status but WhatsApp allows only 3. Seconds.
  • Create security lock: The app gives you several security options such as password, pattern, and PIN to safeguard the private chat from unnecessary people’s access.
  • Character length of creating Status: in this app, 250 characters are permitted to make and post a status on your app’s wall.
  • Small size App: The app is so small that it occupies low space from your android memory. So, your device never get slows down.
  • Pin Important messages: Every day a lot of text exchange. So, you sometimes need to use the messages. If you pin the message, when required, you can easily see the pin list. So, you can select and use it.
  • DND mode: Busy people run DND mode to avoid unnecessary calls & messages. So, they can use their productive time effectively. This is because no notifications surface and produce the sound that disturbs you.
  • Keep the App in Airplane mode: It allows you to block all connections. message and calls may get appeared but if you enable the option you don’t sense whether messages come or not.

How To Write And Send Messages Through WhatsApp Red

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Red APK message option of the selected contact.
  2. Write text and include different aspects from the message box. You can attach different instant reaction elements, files, pictures, audio, and videos, and run the live camera. Besides, you create voice notes by holding on to the Microphone icon.
  3. After that, click on the arrow from the right side of the message box.

How Am I Able To Disappear Messages From The Contact

  1. Open WhatsApp Red APK and its chat.
  2. Then, click on the 3 dots top right corner.
  3. After that, tap on the Disappearing Messages option.
  4. Now, tapping the contacts name.
  5. See several options to tick such as 24 hours, 7 days, 90 days, and Off.
  6. Tap on Done to enable it.


Do I copy and download the status and stories of WhatsApp Red?

Yes, you can copy and download the status and stories of others. Don’t worry, you can edit and reuse the content chat you copy and download from others' posts. But, original WhatsApp does not provide permission to copy and download the post or statuses.

Does WhatsApp Red contain any dangerous elements?

No, the app does not have dangerous elements like bugs, viruses, threats, and malware. So, you get a clean app to run. As a result, you can communicate with huge people without hassle.

In the end

WhatsApp Red APK provides exclusive features that are used to make wonderful communication. You can connect with known and unknown people all over the globe which helps to share cultures and ideas. Now, you can decide to install it for better communication.

WhatsApp Red

36.00 Abu3rab

79.01 MB

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