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Description of NAWhatsApp

NAWhatsApp APK is an unofficial app of the original WA. It is somewhat distinctive that the official one as it includes several new features and functions. It performs well than other similar mods in the market. So, you get a great user experience by considering it as a wonderful alternative.

Worldwide, connection or communication is now in your hand. You just download and install the latest NAWhatsApp app on Android. You can keep in touch with lots of friends, colleagues, and relatives. The app permits you to send messages, and voice notes, and make audio, and video calls.

Besides, you can create a group and invite people to join similar minds to members to chat and hang out with. The app is a powerful, easy, and robust messenger app for Android users. People can gel very well with their friends virtually. Presently, it is not easy to meet people physically.

So, most people depend on different communication apps like NAWhatsApp application.

Features of The NAWhatsApp

To get a brief idea about the communication and messenger app, you can browse your eyes below.

Attractive themes: You can find hundreds of themes to use for changing the appearance of the app. You can customize your app outlook whenever you need. So, appearance becomes unique from other users.

Support about 40 languages: You can communicate with people around the world. You do not face any language barrier as it permits 40+ languages to maintain communication.

Many types of Text fonts: When writing any status, you can change 20 + text fonts to make the status attractive and differentiate it from others.

Antiban: App banning is harmful to users. If you happen to face it you must lose all documents that you share. There is no option to recover. Don’t worry, WhatsApp has the antiban feature. You never get caught in a ban at any time. So, you do not lose your valuable data and information.

Status Downloader: Generally, it is difficult to download the status without helping a third-party application. In this app, you can download written content, image, audio, and video content can be downloaded without any hassle. You can keep the image on your device gallery.

Anti-revoke: If you enable the option you can read the friend’s deleted messages. Sometimes, the sender deleted important messages. The receiver faces problems. Antideleted option you can read all messages after deleting them. You can select the messages and reply based on the messages.

Freeze last seen: Users can hide online status. So, people do not trace whether you are online or not. So, you can work perfectly when you're busy.

Activate DND mode: Don’t disturb mode helps to keep away unwanted calls and messages. You can closely concentrate on your jobs.

Chat Lock: Nobody gets to access your private messages if you activate the chat lock by using the password.

Antidelete status: You see friends deleted status by enabling the anti-delete option. It allows you to respond to the deleted status.

Customization: It provides huge new elements that make the app's appearance unique such as background colors, themes, wallpapers, colors, and so on.

Share contact cards: It is a calls tab to track your call history from the sidebar. So, you can find your contact details easily without consuming much time.

Hide blue and double ticks: If you see the messages double and blue ticks are not shown. As a result, people are not able to identify whether they see messages or not.

Share more images: at the same time, 100 images can share. But, the original one does not allow to share you more than 30 images simultaneously. So, considering large file sharing, NAWhatsApp is chosen.

Pause audio while recording: You can pause audio recording while running and restart where you left off last time.

Free application: you never need to pay money from your pocket as it is 100% free for you.

How To Set Profile Picture of NAWhatsApp

  1. Go to the Home screen and click on the 3 Dots from the right top corner.
  2. Click on setting.
  3. Find a round icon, just click on it.
  4. Select a picture from the gallery of your device or use the default camera to snap a picture instantly.
  5. Now, drag the picture right-left and ups and downs to set it properly.
  6. Finally, tap outside of the round to set the picture.

How To Set Profile description of NAWhatsApp

  1. Go to the Home screen and click on the 3 Dots from the right top corner.
  2. Click on the Setting option.
  3. Near the round icon, just click on the About section. Now, you write a brief description of you.
  4. Now click outside of the box, and automatically your profile description set.

Frequently Ask Question Questions On NAWhatsApp

Is NAWhatsApp A Safe And Secure For Android Devices?

Yes, it is safe and secure for Android devices.

If you install and keep it on your device it does not harm your device. This is because all bugs, threats, malware, and viruses are fixed by updating and upgrading regularly. You get the latest version of the APK that does not contain any dangerous elements. So, ty is clean and smooth.

Why do people like WhatsApp's modified versions?

It is quite common that mod apps provide more features than the official ones. Besides, users can customize different features and functions by using different elements. This is because the mod contains new and latest features to choose from.

So, you can use the app at your own sweet will for communication worldwide. In the modified app field, NAWhatsApp keeps a great contribution to maintaining communication digitally.

Is NAWhatsApp lightweight?

Yes, it is small size app that does not burden your device. There is no chance to get heavily burdened with your Android. So, the app and device run smoothly and quickly.


NAWhatsApp APK adds more new features and functions that are more useful for the users. People can protect their privacy as all data is encrypted. So, millions of users daily use the communication app to connect with people regularly. Now, you can decide to keep it on your Android phone.


12.65 Nasser Al-Jaidi

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