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WhatsApp Plus

20.80.14 WhatsApp Plus

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Description of WhatsApp Plus

From here, you can download WhatsApp Plus APK for your device.

It is a fantastic modified app of the original WhatsApp. It is famous for its many extra features. In this mod version, you find different latest & new themes and customization options. WhatsApp Plus app is more advantageous for Android users as it has more features and functions than the official one.

You can make audio & video calls, chatting, exchanging messaging, share & sending different formats of files like WA without facing any barrier. The amazing matter is that WhatsApp Plus application is 100% free to install and enjoy all functions and features.

At Present, WhatsApp Plus messenger is the most installable modded app all over the world.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

This social application has several new features that distinguish it from other mod versions.

Why is it happening?

Let’s look at some points below to get a brief idea.

Supporting multiple accounts: It is great news for mod lovers that at the same time they can run 4 accounts on the same device. WhatsApp Plus serves your various purpose by opening 4 accounts such as personal, professional, and business.

So, you can communicate different areas people by different accounts. On the other hand, the original version does not allow android users more than one account. If you try it, you must fall in a ban.

Message anti-delete option: If the message sender deletes any message generally it vanishes from the chat option. In this case, the receiver does not see the message. But WhatsApp Plus app has an anti-delete program that helps you to find the message after erasing the message.

Having Anti-ban: In terms of modified application, there is a chance to get a ban. This mod version has anti-ban support. So, you do not get caught in a ban.

Hide profile and last seen: You can enable to hide your profile from the others seen. So, nobody can identify who you are really. Besides, your friends do not know whether you are online or not. If you see message blue tick and double do not active. So, you can hide your online status from your friends.

Send and share large files: You can share 50 MB of Video files and 100 MB of image files at the same time by using the latest WhatsApp Plus application. But the original app limits it only up to 16 MB.

Update Regular basis: This instant messenger mod app updates regularly to fix the harmful bugs. So, it keeps up its normal working speed always. Users do not get bored for slow speed.

Safe and secure app: WhatsApp Plus is completely safe and secure for your android devices. It does not contain harmful elements such as threats, viruses, and malware that affect your devices. So, you do not feel worried to install it.

More added new and extra features: You find more animated emojis, emoticons, and stickers. Besides, you find more launcher icons, themes, smileys, wallpapers, colors, text fonts, colors, and background colors. As a result, you can find a comfortable messenger app by choosing more options.

Support autoreply: You cannot communicate or exchange messages when you are away from the internet connection. In those times, messenger answers automatically if you enable autoreply.

Message sending schedule: You can create a message schedule to send messages at different times and days. So, you do not forget to send important messages.

Create Group: You can create groups and make audio & video group call to hang out with friends all over the globe. These features are available for both WhatsApp Plus and original WhatsApp app.

Support Dark Mode: You can change your interface into dark mode. It helps to reduce eyes strain whenever you use your android device.

How To Enable Last Seen on WhatsApp Plus

It is absolutely a privacy setting for the users. Nobody knows whether you are online or not. So, friends do not remain informed about the actual status.

Step-1: Open the WhatsApp Plus APK from your phone home bar.

Step-2: After that, tap on 3 dots on the top of the right side menu bar.

Step-3: Press the setting option.

Step-4: After clicking the setting, you find several options, just click on Account.

Step-5: Now, you get the Privacy option and click on it.

Step-6: Finally, you look Last Seen, you just click on it and find 3 option 1. Everybody, 2. My Contacts 3. Nobody. You can select one to enable the last seen.

How To Change The Number in WhatsApp Plus

Changing the number in WhatsApp Plus app is very useful for Android users. It assists you to migrate your information from one profile to another. It is also helpful to delete old account links and phone numbers. So, friends never see your old contact.

Step-1: Go to the WhatsApp Plus APK home screen.

Step-2: Click on 3 dots on the top of the right side menu bar.

Step-3: After that, tap on the setting option.

Step-4: Here, you find several options, just click on the Account option.

Step-5: Now, tap on Change Number.

Step-6: Press the Next button.

Step-7: At last, you find 2 options to put on your old phone number and new phone number with country code. Finally, tap on next again and then Done to complete the phone number changing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an excellent messenger app that modified the original WhatsApp by adding several extra new features. It supports to customize the app to create using convenience. People choose the mod app as it helps to send and share large files such as movies, PDF, image, audio, and other files.

Is WhatsApp Plus safe?

No, this application is not illegal at all. It followed proper legal guidelines to set up and run. It is just a modified and unofficial version of the official version. You do not get worried about any hassle as it did not entangle in any illegal activities.

What are the main features of the WhatsApp Plus?

This mod app provides you extra features that help to customize the messenger app at your own will.

WhatsApp Plus app gives you a lot of new features such as you can add more themes, background colors, font, colors, chat interface colors that make the appearance of the app different. Besides, it offers more emojis, emoticons, smileys, wallpapers to differentiate itself from other mod apps.


WhatsApp Plus APK is an impressive modified application that helps to connect and communicate with people worldwide. It has several extra features that make it unique from the original one. Overall, it gives you extensive experience.

WhatsApp Plus

20.80.14 WhatsApp Plus

68.93 MB

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WhatsApp Plus




68.93 MB

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