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WhatsApp Aero

20.80.14 Hazar Bozkurt

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Description of WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero APK is one of the most attractive mod versions of the original WhatsApp. Basically, it is famous for its great functional performance. This app has fantastic privacy management and new functions of customizations.

So, users can change the aesthetic aspects of the application by using different latest extra features. Using the mod app, you can connect and communicate with people worldwide by making audio & video calls, chatting, and creating a group or community.

It is the first mod choice of the people to communicate as it has lesser bugs and errors. The amazing matter is that you do not need to pay money to install and run the WhatsApp Aero app.

Features of WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero contains official WhatsApp’s existing features and adds several extra new features that help to customize easily. So, let’s move to see below what’s the new things that include this app to fascinate the users.

Create an appealing user interface: You can use different new themes, colors, background colors, icons, wallpapers to modify your user interface as you want. So, it helps you to get a different-looking WhatsApp Aero.

Express your mood by using more elements: This WhatsApp Aero application has more elements and symbols that allow you to express your mood during chatting such as smileys, stickers, emoticons, emojis, and so on.

Remain anti-ban system: This modded application has anti-ban features. This is why the platform gets caught in a ban. You never feel anxious about losing your important messages and information that exchange and share at different times.

Block the app access: There is an option to block unwanted access to your account. You can block it by using a password, PIN, or Pattern.

Message view once: Files, images, messages are disappeared from the chat after viewing by the receiver. You do not get a chance to see second time if you enable the option.

Update the app frequently: The latest version of WhatsApp Aero app authority always updates the app to keep the platform fresh and quick. Due to updates and upgrades, it does not get faced with dangerous bugs, bloatware, and technical problems & errors.

Shows small profile picture: It displays a small Profile Picture during the chat. So, it occupies a lower area from the chatting interface.

Having chat bubbles: Different colors and shapes of chat bubbles helps to attract the users to use the WhatsApp Aero application.

100% safe and secure app: You don’t get worried about safety and security as you do not find safety-related problems. Besides, you don’t find any illegal issues with the app. Overall, it is a fresh, clean, and fully secured app for android users to use.

Keep original and mod simultaneously: It is possible to keep the official and modified app ats the same time on the same device. You do not encounter any technical glitches during the use.

Completely ads free: Advertisement tends to make people reluctant to use the WhatsApp Aero app. In this case, WhatsApp Aero never displays any sort of ads that irritate the users.

Create message schedule: This application allows you to create a message sending schedule of different times and dates. So, you can send advance messages, but it reaches the scheduled time and date

How To Install WhatsApp Aero On Android

People want apps that give functional benefits. In this case, WhatsApp Aero can be the right choice. Users always find the simple processes to install the app. So, don’t worry, this app Installation is very easy and simple for android users.

The below steps must help you to install this social app and run smoothly.

  1. First of all, you need to enable the unknown source from your mobile phone setting - setting > security > Unknown Source.
  2. Now, from this page, you just download WhatsApp Aero APK now.
  3. After completing the download, you install the app from your android storage or memory.
  4. Finally, launch the app to use.

How To Hide WhatsApp Aero Profile Photo?

Hiding Profile Photo is so easy. It is part of privacy. General, people hide their profile pictures to protect their privacy. Below mentioning steps guide you on how to enable this setting.

First Step: Go to the interface of WhatsApp Aero APK from your mobile.

Second Step: Now, tap on 3 dots from the top side of the home screen.

Third Step: Then, click on Setting from pop up several options.

Fourth Step: After that, you find the Account section just click on it.

Fifth Step: Here, you find a number of options, click on Privacy the very first option of the pop-up.

Sixth Step: Finally, click on the Profile photo, you get 3 options 1. Everyone, 2. My Contacts 3. Nobody. To hide the profile picture just click on the “Nobody” option and then it gets enabled instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WhatsApp Aero?

WhatsApp Aero is modified from the original WhatsApp by adding several extra features and functions with the existing. The interesting thing is that this app is free to install. You can connect and communicate with people by using it.

How do I get an updated version of WhatsApp Aero?

Generally, users like smooth applications. To make any app smooth, it is very essential to update the app. The app gets attacked with a dangerous virus, malware, and bugs. So, updating is important to remove these harmful elements from the app.

Authority of the WhatsApp Aero app gives time to update and clean it. Here, it is mentioned worthy that on this website you can download updated WhatsApp Aero. To get the updated application, you need to go to the download option, there, you find the old and latest versions.

After downloading the latest version, you find the updated version of the platform.

Is WhatsApp Aero a dangerous app?

No, it is not harmful or dangerous for your android device as it does not contain any elements that affect your device. It is 100% safe and secure for android mobile phones. So, nobody needs to get worried. You can install the app for your user’s convenience.


WhatsApp Aero APK is a very handy application to communicate with people all over the world. People choose it for its wonderful interface and useful functions and features. It is the first choice for mod lovers who want to share different kinds of large files.

Overall, it gives a fascinating experience to make audio & video calls and exchange text messages.

WhatsApp Aero

20.80.14 Hazar Bozkurt

90.76 MB

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90.76 MB

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