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Kimochi WhatsApp KimochiMod

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Description of Kimochi WhatsApp

Kimochi WhatsApp APK comes with its unique features and various functionalities. This mod version app may change your user experience. You surely don’t want to miss out on experiencing cool features such as switching accounts, fixing bugs, securing privacy, hiding seen status, and more.

Usually, official WhatsApp doesn’t offer that many functionalities and features compared to mod applications. That’s why, on the latest Kimochi WhatsApp application, due to so many cool features as well as functions, you may feel overwhelmed.

Kimochi mod developers design their applications so uniquely that after using them, you don’t want to go back to the old ones. So, let's right dive into the features, to check out their cool functionality.

Features Of Kimochi WhatsApp

Here in this mod, you will experience a new process of messaging, Furthermore, it will change your messaging game with your close loved one or family members. Let's look below.

Switch Account: If you ever wish to use multiple accounts but can’t do that due to the original application limitations and restrictions. Then there is good news for you. Now you can manage and access your multiple accounts from the Kimochi WhatsApp mod application.

Because it allows users to switch between multiple accounts without any restriction.

Send Message as Audio: This mod application comes with a cool feature that is a text converter. Just simply write down whatever you want to write down in the text, then convert text messages into audio.

Fix Bug WA. Me/ setting: To prevent any bug-related issues Kimochi WhatsApp latest version application stands like a firewall. It generally fixes WA.ME/setting bugs related issues. So, to prevent bugs while messaging, you can consider this application without any hesitation.

Download Picture: In this mod application, you will be able to download pictures directly from the app. Sometimes while chatting with your friend or family member, you may want to download your memorable pictures directly from the app.

However, due to traditional application policies, you may not be able to download images. But this mod app offers a direct download feature, which makes this app different from the regular one. Now by using this feature, save your favorite moment more easily than ever.

Adding WA UI: Like traditional WhatsApp, you will also get a user interface (UI) design on this Kimochi mod application. To give users a more eye-soothing experience, they focus on a user interface (UI) design. So that the interface theme looks more attractive.

Testing HD Image/ Video Auto On: Kimochi WhatsApp mod version offers many features, and testing HD images and video quality is one of its great features. Here you can fix the quality of your images and video on the app effectively. It will enhance your messaging experience to the next level.

Fix Spam Banned On: Most of the time, while using regular WhatsApp you may encounter spam messages. These types of spam messages often create a risk to your personal information. But on this Kimochi WhatsApp app, you won’t receive any kind of spam messages.

Privacy: For so many people privacy is a big concern. That’s why most of them want to control their privacy setting from who can view their profile to the story. To keep that in mind, the Kimochi WhatsApp application enhances the privacy features of this mod application.

So that users can control everything to keep information private according to their choice.

Clean Cache: On this mod application, you will find a clean cache feature. This feature will clean all cache on the application. As a result, you will experience more tremendous smoothness while using the app.

Anti View Once: Sometimes we want to ignore some specific message, but accidentally we tab the message option. Consequently, other people get the information that we view their message. To prevent this awkward moment, Kimochi WhatsApp comes with an anti-view feature.

It allows users to disable the view once option.

Download Story: Usually on official WhatsApp you are not allowed to download the story. But on this mod application, you will get the download story feature. It allows users to download stories.

Media Mods: To make your sharing videos, and photos more interesting Kimochi WhatsApp app offers media modification features. It will assist you in customizing and modifying the media file.

Enable Hidden Features: This mod comes with various hidden features. By enabling the hidden features, you will be able to edit the sent messages.

How To Download Kimochi WhatsApp For Android

For policy restrictions, you may not be able to find the app on Google Play Store. But don’t worry, there are some alternative ways. If you follow the step-by-step guidelines, that I provide below, then surely you will be able to download and install the app on your device.

First Step: From here, download Kimochi WhatsApp APK for your device.

Second Step: From the setting option, allow third-party apps by enabling the Unknown Source option. For ease of understanding, go to setting options > security > enable Unknown Source.

Third Step: Now click the install button and start the installation process.

Fourth Step: After installation is complete. You may want to open the application.           

Fifth Step: Then enter your local phone number so that you can connect with your device.

Sixth Step: After providing the number you will receive a verification code. Then simply activate the code. Enjoy it.

How To Use Kimochi WhatsApp On PC

To enhance your work productivity, you can use WhatsApp Kimochi on your desktop. It will improve your user experience with new cool features. To do that, just follow some simple key steps mentioned below.

Firstly, open the Kimochi WhatsaApp web page on your desktop. There you will notice a QR code on your PC.

Secondly, open Kimochi WhatsApp on your phone.

Thirdly, Tap the setting option and select linked devices.

Fourthly, tap the linked device.

Fifthly, point your phone camera toward the desktop QR code. Once you have linked your computer app to your mobile application. Now you are ready to use the app on your desktop.

Can I use Kimochi WhatsApp with just a PC?

Yes, you can use the Kimochi WhatsApp application on your PC. But you need to make sure that your mobile device is connected to the WhatsApp web by scanning the QR code. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use mod applications on pc.

What are the disadvantages of Kimochi WhatsApp desktops?

When you use Kimochi WhatsApp app on a desktop you will not only experience advantages, but at the same time you will experience some disadvantages as well. For instance, when your phone battery dies, your WhatsApp will not work at that moment.

Moreover, your private messages will all show up on your desktop monitor. So, if you like to keep private everything, then these little things can irritate you.


Kimochi WhatsApp APK comes with lots of unique features. It’s an incredible feature that not only wins your heart but will drag you into addiction to using this app. You will get everything here, from text editing to hiding seen messages and many cool interface (UI) design features.

Basically, this mod application is a complete package to give you a smooth experience.

Kimochi WhatsApp KimochiMod

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