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YM WhatsApp

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Description of YM WhatsApp

YM WhatsApp APK is a redesigned and customized application of the original WhatsApp.

It is wonderful and useful for its new features and functions that are not available in other similar mods. The latest YM WhatsApp app is remarkable for its privacy and security, which is why it attracts millions of users all over the globe. Day by day, the appeal of this app is increasing very fast.

Features of YM Whatsapp

Some features make this app unique. So, let’s see those features below.

Anti Ban: Mod apps have to be tackled some technical problems for their modifications. Here, you are assured that such kind of situation you never face. One of the most salient problems is that these apps get caught in a ban. It has an anti-ban feature. So, you can avoid a ban. As a result, you do not lose the valuable data that you share at different times. Now, you can trust this app.

Hide Last & Status Seen: Nobody trace or identify when you are available in the app or online.  You can see all people’s statuses other contacts do not sense it. So, it can be said that you can see but other people cannot do it.

See Deleted Messages: In the YM WhatsApp app, an in-built option is “ Deleted For Everyone”. If you enable this option nobody erased the messages that you send. So, you can see all messages s after deleting them.

Save And Copy Status: This modified app allows users to download posted images and videos and copy written text statuses. After editing a can post these statuses on their wall.

Send Large audios: 100 MB size audios can share at the same time. In this case, users do not face any obstacles. Original WhatsApp allows 16 MB only.

Airplane Mode: If you enable this mode you keep disconnecting from the internet. So, nobody can send messages or make calls. As a result, you can concentrate on the busy scheduled work.

DND Mode: if you activate this option it helps to deactivate the call and messaging option. So, nobody can disturb you at any time.

In-built Junk Cleaner: Sharing files, exchanging messages, and posting statuses create huge storage in your application. This junk cleaner feature allows you to clean the storage automatically. So, your device does not get burdened with storage.

Maintain The Quality Of Images And Videos: Users share different images and videos at different times. The videos and images' quality is the same as what the sender shared when you download them. So, there is no damaging quality content you find. As a consequence, you can share videos and images original on different social media platforms.

Schedule Creation To Send Messages: People lead a stressful life. They forget many things for maintaining many busy tasks. So, important messages sending are missed frequently. In this case, you don’t worry, you can make a schedule to send messages at different times and dates. So, you can send messages in advance resulting in chances are getting low to miss sending messages.

Auto Reply Function: If you do not remain available online no problem. Auto reply helps you to answer your questions online. So, there is no chance of cutting online relationships. All time this option answers basic informative question answer.

More Character Limits To Write Status: YM WhatsApp latest version permits writing 250 chracters to post a status on the wall. More characters mean you explain every feeling and emotion in a detailed way. On the other hand, WhatsApp allows only 139 chracters. As a consequence, you can write a small post that is not as detailed as you need and want.

Pin Important Messages: If you pin messages you need not consume time to find them whenever you search. As a result, you can use these valuable messages in the future. The app allows more than 3 messages to pin by using this mod app.

Send Messages Unsaved Numbers: Amazingly, you need not saved any number if you do not need it. But, you can send messages to those unsaved contacts without facing any unwanted hassle.

Control Privacy: You can freeze your last seen and other related options to protect your privacy. So, prying eyes never harm your account. You can smoothly operate the app and the device nicely.

Lightweight Mod App: The app occupies a small space after installation. So, it does not get a burden for it. So, your app and device do not get slow down while navigating.

How Do I Download The APK Version Of YM WhatsApp

It is simple and easy to download and install. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Enable the Unknown Source from the Android Setting (Setting > Security > Unknown Source).
  2. Now, download YM WhatsApp APK from this page of this website where you now stay.
  3. Go to the file manager to locate the downloaded file.
  4. After that, open the APK file and click on the install button.
  5. Wait a few seconds to complete the installation process.
  6. Finally, the app is prepared to use and communicate. Before using the app, you must set the profile name, picture, and profile description.  


Can I find the updated and latest version of YM WhatsApp?

Yes, you can find updated and upgraded versions of this mod app on this website. Whenever changes and modifications happen in the original app immediately it includes quickly. After that, it uploads for the users' benefit.

Do I need to pay for making group video calls?

No, still it is free of charge. You can communicate and hang out with friends all over the planet without paying a single penny from your credit card.


Its extra features grab the attention of millions of people.

As a result, people download and install YM WhatsApp APK for their communication worldwide. Presently, people do not need to go abroad to meet their friends. This app gives you chance to reach your friends digitally or virtually. Now, you can decide to keep it on your device.

YM WhatsApp

33 whatsappdl

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