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Description of WhatsAppMA

Including some additional features and functions, WhatsAppMA APK comes to the market by customizing from the original WhatsApp. You can connect and communicate with people all over the globe virtually without facing any kind of hassle.

Now, you can make audio & video calls, create groups, make instant chats with others. Besides, you can hang out with your group members by making group calls. The interesting matter is that WhatsAppMA app is 100% free.

You do not spend money from your credit card. It is a great boon for android smart mobile phone users. So, day by day its popularity is increasing remarkably. So, download WhatsAppMA latest version on your Android mobile.

Features of WhatsAppMA

This communication app has extra several features that make the app remarkable. Now, you find some comfortable features that are not available in the original app and other similar mod apps. So, people like the app for their convenient use.

Keeping the Chat Secured: You can protect your chat from unwanted access. It has the option to use a pattern, password, and fingerprint to protect your important messages and files.

Hide contact: There is an option to hide your specific contact that helps to get rid of disturbing calls.

Delete Junk files: You can unnecessarily junk and log files from your WhatsAppMA app. So, you can keep up the app speed and stability easily.

Chat Private mode: This app allows you to keep your chat private mode. It helps you to protect your privacy and security.

HD quality video share: The latest WhatsAppMA is great as you can share HD quality videos and photos. So, this app is handy for android mobile phone users.

Share large files: You can share PDF, MS Word & Excel, Image, audio, and videos up to 100 MB at the same time. On the other hand, the original WhatsApp allows only 16 MB files.

Create Message schedule: You can send messages by creating a schedule maintaining different dates and times. As a result, you do not miss out on any important message to send.

Make unlimited stories: WhatsAppMA app is very useful who want to share various stories at different times.

Anti-ban features: You do not get worried about losing your important messages and files from your account as it has an anti-ban system. So, you never get caught in a ban.

Zoom in Zoom out the profile picture: Now you can Zoom in Zoom out the profile picture of your WhatsApp MA account.

Create a large group: Using this app, you are able to invite 256 members to join the group. So, it is a great chance to hang out with the group members by generating audio & video calls.

Lightweight app: It is a very lightweight app for android users. This app occupies very lower storage from your mobile memory. So, the app does not cause to decrease in your device speed.

Update regular basis: Regular update helps to fix the bugs of the app. As a result, the app remains fresh, quick, and clean.

Auto reply: WhatsAppMA application can enable the auto-reply option. So, whenever you are busy and not available in online it helps to reply automatically to a certain extent.

How To Enable The Privacy Setting Of WhatsAppMA

The privacy setting is a very important part of this app. If you have a privacy setting you must keep away from unwanted people’s access to your account. Whether you are online or not nobody senses it. So, let’s see how to do it.

  1. Go to the user home screen of this WhatsAppMA APK.
  2. Click on 3 dots from the top right side of the home screen.
  3. Now click on the setting option from the several pop-up menus.
  4. And then, tap on Account.
  5. After that, you find Privacy click on, here you find several options such as last seen, profile photo, about, status, groups, live location, block contacts, fingerprint lock. You just enable these options. At last, your privacy gets set as you do.

How To Enable Two-Step Verification Of WhatsAppMA

Two-step verification is a great feature of WhatsAppMA. You find more security if you enable the option from your app. Let’s go below steps to find the way how to be done it.

  1. Go to the home screen.
  2. From the top right side of the home screen, you click on 3 dots.
  3. Now, from the several pop-up menus, you click on the setting option.
  4. And then, tap on the Account option.
  5. After that, Click on the Two-step verification.
  6. Tap on enable the option.
  7. Finally, enter 6 digits PIN, click on next to set 6 digits PIN again to confirm it. At last, you put an email address that helps you whenever you forget the pin, it also helps to resent the PIN.


FAQ section is designed to display several questions and their answers that are generally possible to come to the people’s mind. In this part, some questions and answers are selected that generally comes to mind.

What is WhatsAppMA?

WhatsAppMA is a modified application to connect and communicate with people all over the world. It is mainly customized and converted from the original WhatsApp. It is a favorite for people as it has several new features that are not available in other mod apps and official WhatsApp.

Does WhatsAppMA have harmful elements?

No, it doesn’t have any element that affects your device harmful way. It is a virus, threat, and malware-free app. So, users do not tackle any risky event. Now, without a second thought, you can install and run the app.

Is WhatsAppMA served like the original WhatsApp one?

It is served as the original one as it keeps original features and functions with add extra features. So, people can connect and communicate with their friends and family by making audio & video calls as well as instant chat. It is considered a very useful app for virtual communication.


WhatsAppMA APK is a wonderful app that helps you to communicate easily and smoothly. So, day by day the popularity of this app is increasing worldwide.


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