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WhatsApp Spy

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Description of WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy APK is an effective and efficient spying application for Android users. This tool is mainly used for spying that secretly installs on smartphones. You can get access remotely to any WhatsApp, activity data, and information.

This monitoring tool permits you to observe incoming, outgoing calls, messages, audio/video files, appointment calendars, location, photos, and many more. The amazing matter is that this WhatsApp Spy app is 100% free for users. You do not need to use your credit card to pay any amount.

The purpose of this WhatsApp Spy application is that you can monitor your kid’s and employee online activities, and behavior such as calls and messages the exchange at different times and dates.

Features of WhatsApp Spy

It is a fantastic application for parents and employers who want to look after their children’s daily activities and the performance of employees. People choose it for some useful features and functions. So, let’s look below what are the features and functions it has.

Secretly take pictures: WhatsApp Spy latest version takes pictures secretly whatever activities go on. So, you can warn those people not to continue such things again. So, kids and employees, and other people can be controlled easily.

Record Activities: It enables to record the activities such as messages, audio & video files, SMS, Facebook activities, and so on.

Identify location: You know the exact location of the android device

Monitor 5 devices: A single Account can monitor 5 devices. Whatever activities are done on these devices you can track easily.

Get notification: If the users change the SIM card of the devices you can get a notification. So, in this situation, you can take measures to do install the app again.

Hidden Program: You do not get caught in whenever you monitor the devices as it keeps hidden or invisible to the users.

Read chats: WhatsApp Spy app allows you to read the chats & conversations and download those to observe closely.

No need to root the device: You do not need to root your device to install the program.

Monitor the duration, time, and date: WhatsApp Spy application can monitor and track calls duration time, and date. So, you can identify when, what, and how much time the activities are done.

Identify Group Activities: This app helps you to find out group names, group calls, messages, members, and sharing files. It gives your details of everything happening. So, you can decide whatever action measure needs to be taken.

Check details: This communication app is so a helpful tool that allows you to identify the contact of the target audiences such as name, number, profile picture, about, and so on.

Identify the internet History: If you have this app, you can identify the visited websites and social media.

Track Facebook Messages: It is so useful app to track Facebook Messages, audio & video files of the target devices.

Safe, secure, and legal app: You do not feel concerned about safety, security, and legality. The latest WhatsApp Spy is 100% safe, and legal for Android. It does not carry any harmful elements that affect your device severely.

Besides, it followed all legal international rules and regulations.

How To Install WhatsApp Spy

It is very effective too to track and extract information from other devices. You just set it to other devices to monitor those devices. So, it is a very handy spying program for Android smartphone users.

  1. Download WhatsApp Spy APK and install from this website.
  2. Click on Sign Up the option to open a free account.
  3. Now, enter your email address.
  4. After that, Set your password.
  5. And then, Tick on Agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.
  6. Finally click on the Sign-up option to complete the account opening process.

How Does WhatsApp Spy Work

This social media is used for various purposes. Let’s see what the purposes are it is used.

First of all, parents can use it to keep their kids under surveillance. What children are doing in the virtual world it is monitored very closely. It helps to protect children from cybercrime and cyber-bullying. Kids and teenagers are sensitive. So, they need to keep in touch.

WhatsApp Spy application is such a wonderful tool to keep safe.

Secondly, Employer or owners of the companies can use this app to track their employees’ activities, behavior, and performance. By using this communication application, you can monitor the regular activities of the staff of the companies.

Thirdly, this is a useful program that allows to create phone and chat back up.


Herewith, you find out several questions and answers that come to your mind. These questions and answers must meet the expectations of the information that you want.

What is WhatsApp Spy?

WhatsApp Spy is a fabulous tool to spy and monitor that what happens regularly in another WhatsApp account. It is used to observe and capture information. Whatever those accounts do you can identify easily i.e., users call, sending messages, visited websites, and social media.

Is WhatsApp Spy safe for Android users?

Of course, it is safe and secure for android users. You do not face any safety and security-related issues as it is 100% free of harmful elements such as malware, virus, and threat. So, you never need to get worried about the unwanted hassle.

Does WhatsApp Spy follow all legal procedures?

Obviously, WhatsApp Spy app followed all legal procedures, rules, regulations, and standards to establish the platform. It never broke any rules that create problems for users. So, it is a 100% legitimate app for Android smartphone users.


In the end, it can be said that WhatsApp Spy APK is a great monitoring tool to spy other account of WhatsApp. This app is used to collect information on other accounts that users do regularly. So, without a doubt, you can install the app for your better convenience.

WhatsApp Spy

1.4.07 A pinch of magic

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