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Description of WhatsApp MiNi

WhatsApp MiNi APK is an excellent instant messaging application for Android users that is modified and customized from the original WhatsApp. It is remarkable than other mod messenger apps for its distinctive features and functions. People love the mod app all over the world.

This is because its functions can be customized to change the entire appearance and outlook. You do not pay a single penny to install WhatsApp MiNi app. It is a 100% free social messaging app for users. Overall, it creates appeal to the users as it has a great privacy protection system.

Features of WhatsApp MiNi

This app is unique for its features and functions. People feel comfortable using this social communication platform. It is so useful that helps to connect and communicate with people worldwide by chatting, making audio and video calls without facing any kind of interruption.

Keep private: This WhatsApp MiNi application supports various privacy features such as.

  • Freeze Last seen: You see senders’ message, but senders do not sense it whether you see the message or not.
  • Hide blue and double tick: If you see messages the blue and double tick are not shown actively. So, nobody can understand your online availability.
  • Hide Status: Users can enable the option to conceal their status view. So, you can keep your status private. Nobody finds your status online.

Save chats on Google Drive: You can create Chat Back up by saving on Google Drive. So, there is no chance to lose your important messages and information. As a result, in future, if you need these messages to use you will be able to extract.

Anti-revoke option: You can see the messages that the sender deletes from the chats.

Messages disappear: You can enable the message disappearing option. So, messages are disappeared within a few seconds after seeing the receiver. You just see the message once.

LightWeight app: The latest WhatsApp MiNi app is not a heavy-sized application. It is small in size. As a consequence, this app occupies lower storage from your device’s memory. Due to the lightweight app, it never damages your app navigation speed. So, you can run the app smoothly.

Voice waveForms: This application has the option to record a voice message through Voice WaveForms in real-time. You just tap on Voice WaveForms and start to record after that send if it is needed. However, if you want to disable the audio and not send it.

More options to customize the app: In this app, you find more themes, wallpapers, colors, background colors, icons, and so on. These options allow changing your app as you want. Besides, during the chatting, you can use different smileys, emojis, emoticons, stickers to express your instant mood.

Block access the app: Block the WhatsApp MiNi app by using password, PIN, and Pattern. So, no unwanted access happens.

Create new groups: This app allows you to create groups and invite friends to join the groups. You can make audio & video group calls to hang out with your friends.

How To Add a Two-Step Verification PIN of WhatsApp MiNi

WhatsApp MiNi application has Two-Step verification. It is a very handy option for android users. If you enable the option, you can keep away the unwanted access to the account. So, let’s move to see the processes and steps.

First Step: Open the WhatsApp MiNi APK home screen or interface.

Second Step: Click on 3-dot that is seen available in the top right side of the home screen.

Third Step: And then, tap on the Setting option.

Fourth Step: Click on the Account option.

Fifth Step: After that, Click on the Two-Step Verification.

Fifth Step: Now, click on the green color Enable button.

Sixth Step: Enter 6-digit PIN and click on next and again Confirm the PIN and click on next.

Seventh Step: Add email address which helps to recover PIN if you forget in future and click on next and confirm email and finally tap on save. At last, Two-step verification is enabled, just click on done. You can disable verification, change PIN, and change the email address if it is needed.

How To Delete Account of WhatsApp MiNi

It is easy and simple to delete a MiNi WhatsApp account. Sometimes, users need to delete the account. In this case, you just follow the below steps.

First Step: Go to the WhatsApp MiNi APK home screen or interface.

Second Step: Tap on 3-dot that is seen available in the top right side of this communication application.

Third Step: And then, tap on the Setting option.

Fourth Step: Click on the Account option.

Fifth step: Now, put your Country code and mobile number and then click on the Red Button of Delete My Account.

Sixth Step: Finally, select a reason from the drop-down menu and click on Delete My Account. The app account is successfully deleted within a few seconds.


People want to know more about WhatsApp MiNi app. Therefore, in this section, some questions with answers are included that tend to come to the mind of users. Below questions and answers must dispel or banish your doubt about this mod messenger app.

What is WhatsApp MiNi and why it is used for?

It is a 100% free instant messaging platform that is a customized version of the original WhatsApp. It uses for sending messages, images and making audio & video calls. Besides, you can create a group to build a similar-minded community.

You can also use the platform for group chats and calls to hang out with your friends.

Is WhatsApp MiNi safe and secure for Android users?

Yes, WhatsApp MiNi application is 100% safe and secure for android smartphone users. It does not contain any hazardous and risky elements that affect your device. Besides, the authority of the application updates it regularly to get rid of unwanted bugs. As a result, it remains fresh and quick.

What is the advantage of WhatsApp MiNi?

The advantages the make the application remarkable are given below,

  • Customize the app to convert a new look as you want
  • Several extra features and functions that are not available in the original WhatsApp
  • Large file share
  • Use 250 characters to write status

Besides, you can find official WhatsApp’s all existing features like chatting, audio & video calls, build community by creating a group. So, it is very beneficial for communication lovers.


WhatsApp MiNi APK is a fantastic mod app to connect and communicate people. It is customized by adding several new features. These latest features satisfy the users very much. So, it got popular all over the globe.

WhatsApp MiNi

23.3.0 WhatsApp MiNi

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