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WhatsApp Indigo


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Description of WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo APK is a famous chat and instant messaging mod app that is customized from the original WhatsApp. It is fantastic for Android users as it has some new and latest extra features and functions that are not available in the official one.

It is most popular all over the globe for sharing and sending the different formats large files at the same time. Generally, you do not share large files through original app. So, in this case, this WhatsApp Indigo app is a great alternative solution to send large media files to people.

Overall, its great user interface color attracts people hugely.

Features WhatsApp Indigo

Presently, it is the most attractive app for Android users for its useful features and functions. So, let’s see below the features that this app offers you.

More Instant reaction elements: During the chatting, you find a lot of elements such as emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, and so on. These elements help you to express your mood, emotions, and reactions instantly.

Lightweight app: WhatsApp Indigo latest version is a lightweight mod app for android smartphones. Due to its small size, it does not occupy huge space from your mobile phone memory. So, your device never gets slowed down. It maintains stability and proper speed whenever you navigate your devices.

Besides, it works with low-performance devices as it is a small-sized app.

Multiple accounts: You can open more than one accounts to serve your different purpose such as personal, business, and professional. So, there is no chance to confuse where and with whom do you communicate.

Privacy Management: You can protect your privacy by enabling several options of different parts of your app such as hide online status, profile picture, about, freeze last seen, hid blue tick & double tick. So, you can hide your online availability from your friends.

As a result, you can avoid unwanted calls, notifications, and messages.

Create Group: You can invite 300 people to join your group. This app permits you to make group audio & video calls to hang out with the group members.

Copy and download others’ status: WhatsApp Indigo application allows you to copy and download other people’s status, videos, and images.

Writing status characters limit: It permits you to write 256 characters for posting a status. On the other hand, the original app gives you chance to write only 139. So, if you use the mod version you can write your stats more detailed way.

Auto Answer option: You can enable the auto-reply option. It works great whenever you are away it answers the messages automatically.

Share Large Files and documents: You can share up to 1 GB of files of different formats such as Image, PDF, Audio, Video, MS Word & Excel files, and so on.

Update regularly: It updates regular basis. As a result, you can get rid of unwanted and unnecessary bugs. So, you maintain the good speed of your WhatsApp Indigo app and device.

Anti-ban features: This app never gets caught in a ban as it has an anti-ban system. So, you do not get worried about losing any important messages and files.

Anti-revoke: If senders deleted any message from their end, you could see and read the message. Besides, you can reply to this deleted message.

Anti-delete the status: The latest WhatsApp Indigo application allows you to see the deleted status if you enable the Anti-delete option. You can surprise your friends by commenting on the deleted messages.

How To Set Up The Privacy Of WhatsApp Indigo

If you set up privacy you can get away with unnecessary problems. This option is simple and easy to enable. Let's see how and how many steps are followed to enable privacy. Below mentioned steps must help you to enable it.

  1. Open the user interface or home screen of the WhatsApp Indigo APK.
  2. Go to the top right side to click on 3 dots.
  3. And then, you find some options surfaced up from those options just click on the Setting.
  4. Now, tap on the account option.
  5. After that, click on the privacy option.
  6. Finally, here, you get several options to enable you to protect your privacy such as last seen, profile photo, about, status, groups, live location, blocked contacts, fingerprint lock. You can activate one by one to enable privacy.

How To Make The WhatsApp Indigo Dark Mode

It is so simple to enable android users. Keeping your app in dark mode is very advantageous for your eyes. You can protect your eyes from eyes strain or pain. It also helps you to l read the text very easily and quickly.

So, you do not face problems whenever you navigate the app.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Indigo APK from the phone home bar.
  2. On the Home screen, you find 3 dots on top of the right corner, now, click on it.
  3. Then, getting several options, just click on Setting from those options.
  4. After that, tap on the Chats to find your certain option.
  5. In the end, click on Theme, and select the Dark Mode. Finally, click on the Ok button and find your interface dark mode.


What is WhatsApp Indigo?

WhatsApp Indigo is a communication modded app that converted from WhatsApp by adding some additional features and functions. You can connect and communicate like original one. So, it is so popular mod communication app worldwide.

Is WhatsApp Indigo a safe app for Android users?

Yes, it is a safe and secure application as it does not contain any harmful elements that affect your device. WhatsApp Indigo application followed all safety rules and regulations to get rid of viruses, malware, or threats.

So, you do not feel alarmed about safety and security-related problems by using this app.

Is WhatsApp Indigo a free app for Android users?

The intriguing matter is that this modified app is 100% free for Android mobile phone users. You do not need to pay a single penny from your wallet or credit card. So, you can connect and communicate with an unlimited number of people without cost.


WhatsApp Indigo APK is a very useful mod communication app for its features and functions. This is because it is an open-source app that allows you to customize as you want. But this type of customization facility you never get in the original app.

So, day by day the appeal of this app is increasing.

WhatsApp Indigo


19.99 MB

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