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WhatsApp Alaskar

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Description of WhatsApp Alaskar

WhatsApp Alaskar APK is an excellent modified version that transformed from the official WhatsApp to connect and communicate with people all over the planet. At present, digital communication gain popularity worldwide for different social communication apps.

Today, an initiative is taken to discuss a wonderful application named WhatsApp Alaskar app that includes many extra features. It adds many attractive and enjoyable features to make the app effective and comfortable for connection and communication with people from all countries.

Many elements include and exclude to make the latest WhatsApp Alaskar application useful. Customization, personalization, and flexibility make the app remarkable resulting in people gravitating towards the app always to better convenient communication.

Features of WhatsApp Alaskar

  • Unique User Interface: Attractive many news themes can be set to change or modify the user interface. Users can choose the themes to set and customize the appearance or outlook of the app.
  • Create a custom list to Share Status: If you create a custom list to share your post other people are not able to see those statuses. So, you can protect your privacy easily.
  • Dark Mode: This mode of very effective for eye health. Your eye's strain and soreness must mitigate if you set the dark mode.
  • Instant Reaction Elements: Many different symbols are available in WhatsApp Alaskar app such as smiles, emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFS, etc. in every, categories there are more symbols than original one. As a result, you can show your emotion by sending various symbols.
  • In-Built Lock System: You find a password, PIN, and pattern to lock your app and chat to avoid unwanted access. So, others cannot see and steal your valuable private data.
  • Forward Messages Many people: Up to 250 people, you can forward messages. But, WhatsApp allows only 5 contacts.
  • Legal app: All legal rules and regulations were followed before publishing the app. So you never face a legal problem if you install the APK version from this website.
  • Vanish Forward Tag: Generally, when you forward any messages to other contacts it contains a forward tag. But, in this WhatsApp Alaskar mod app, you can avoid the forward tag. It looks like normal message sending.
  • Anti-Delete Messages And Statuses: If you enable this option you can see the sender’s deleted messages and statuses. If senders want to delete messages and statuses from your end they cannot do it. So, you can see and reply to messages and statuses.
  • Star Messages: This option allows the users to bookmark the messages and important files.  In the future, these star messages can find quickly used. The amazing matter is that if senders deleted the messages you find those messages in the star list.
  • Pin Message: It helps to keep your chats or messages on the chat interface resulting in you do not need to search for your important messages long time. It shows in the pin list.
  • Create Profile Avatar:  You can set your profile picture’s avatar with diverse hairstyles, outfits, and facial changes. This option allows the users to personalize the avatar of the profile picture.
  • Create Messages Schedule: Advance messages can send by setting different dates and times. Generally, it is useful for those who forget to send important messages on different occasions such as marriage anniversaries, birthdays, etc. If you schedule you never miss sending any urgent messages and files.
  • Characters Limit: You can write up to 250 characters to post a status. As a result, you can describe your status issues in a detailed manner. So, other people can easily get the points you want to say. Otherwise, the witten text becomes unexpressed short messages.
  • Different Text Fonts To Write Status: Users can select unique text fonts to write the status. So, it grabs the attention of the viewers.
  • Different Colored Backgrounds of the Status: You can choose different designs and colored backgrounds to create your status to post on your wall. So, people see it as attractive.
  • Both Accounts Keep: Users can keep both the original and WhatsApp Alaskar latest version at the same time. There is no technical hassle to face. You can use 2 accounts for different purposes.
  • Block Contacts: Some contacts unnecessarily message and call you. You can block those permanently to avoid calls and messages.

How To Block The Contacts On WhatsApp Alaskar

It is simple and easy. Let’s see the steps below to enable it.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Alaskar APK and go to the user interface.
  2. Click on 3 dots from the top right corner of the home screen.
  3. Surfacing several options, choose Setting to clock on.
  4. Now, click on the Privacy option.
  5. After that crawl below and click on the Blocked Contacts.
  6. Then, from the top right corner, tap on the contact icon.
  7. Finally, select contacts to block permanently.


Do I communicate with people like original WhatsApp via WhatsApp Alaskar?

Yes, you can connect and communicate with millions of people all over the world as the mod version provide all the basic features and functions of WhatsApp. It adds many extra functions, features, and elements to customize your application to make it attractive.

So, it is more flexible and comfortable than the official one.

Can I Star and Unstar the messages of the WhatsApp Alaskar?

Yes, you can start the messages to bookmark to use later. Besides, you can Unstar old messages from the Star that helps to star new ones by vacating the space.

Is it safe, secure, and legal?

Yes, this mod app is 100% safe, secure, and legitimate for Android users. No unsafe and illegal issues are found yet. So, don’t worry about any risk factors.

Does WhatsApp Alaskar update regularly?

Yes, it updates and upgrades regularly to fix dangerous threats like bugs and viruses. So, you get a fresh and clean app to run and communicate smoothly.

In Conclusion

The latest version of the WhatsApp Alaskar APK differentiates itself from the other competitors as it has unique features as well as functions that are not available on other similar modified applications. So, you decide to download the APK version without a doubt.

WhatsApp Alaskar

8.80 Mahmoud Al-Askar

71.68 MB

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Languages More 17


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Mahmoud Al-Askar




71.68 MB

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