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Description of WhatsApp

We hardly find any person who does not know about the WhatsApp APK. Now, it is a very well-known instant messenger app for Android. Using this platform, you can maintain regular virtual communication with people all over the world without spending a single cent from your credit card.

WhatsApp app is a 100% free platform. You can exchange text messages, send or share images, audio, and videos. This communication app is most popular worldwide for the consideration of user basement. Presently, it holds the number 1 position with 2 billion monthly users covering 180 countries.

It is very famous in India where over 200 million people use it as a digital communication tool.

Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp application becomes prominent and powerful by defeating other similar apps as it has several attractive features and functions that you do not find in other applications. So, let’s look below to get a clear idea about the app.

Easy to communicate: For communication, you can send messages, make audio and video calls. People can find any barrier. WhatsApp helps to engage and join with a lot of people virtually. You get real-time communication experience and taste.

Group Creation: Build up a similar-minded community by creating groups. You can invite people to join the group. Now, it allows 256 members to join a group. You can hang out with your friends, family and, relatives by making group audio and video calls.

You can participate in live video calls with 8 members at the same time.

Safe and secured app: Nobody has an iota of doubt about the app’s security and safety. It has a great privacy policy to protect your information and data. What you exchange with others is end-to-end encrypted. So, there is no chance to leak.

Besides, this platform does not contain any elements and components that affect and harm your device. Moreover, WhatsApp Messenger app updates on a regular basis to keep the clean, smooth, and fresh to communicate. So, no unwanted bugs, viruses, threats, malware, and bloatware damage Android.

Legal Application: It is a 100% legal and lawful communication platform for android users. It followed all legal rules and procedures before coming into the market. So, there is no cause of hesitation to feel before installing the app.

Smooth and attractive user interface: The latest WhatsApp app has a simple, easy, and user-friendly interface that helps any poor tech-savvy person to operate, navigate and run.

Built-in camera: You can capture your moment by snapping pictures and recording video by the WhatsApp camera and sharing instantly with your friends and family.

Sharing different format documents: It allows to share different formats files such as Word & Excel, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, PDF, GIF, Image, Audio, Video, and so on. For video and Audio, it permits only 16 MB files simultaneously. But, for the normal file, it allows up to 100 MB files.

Customize the Appearance: There are a lot of default themes, wallpapers, background color, and color to customize the outlook of the app as you want.

Instant reaction features: WhatsApp latest version provides a number of emoticons, stickers, emojis, smileys, and so on that can be shared during the chat and express your instant mood and emotion.

Location trace: This platform helps to trace and share the exact location in real-time. So, wherever you stay you can share your certain location.

Lightweight App: It occupies lower space from your android smartphone devices. So, your devices never get slow.

How To Download WhatsApp

Downloading and installing it is very simple and easy. In this case, you do not need huge technical and technological knowledge and skill. Herewith, some easy steps are shared for you.

First Step: Download the WhatsApp APK new and latest version from here.

Second Step: Go to the File location where the file has been saved.

Third Step: Before installing, you need to enable the Unknown Source by the following steps, Go to the Setting of Android and then Click on Security option, after that Tap on Unknown Source to enable.

Fourth Step: Now, open the APK file and click on the install button.

Fifth Step: Finally, wait a few seconds to finish the installation process. After completing the installation, it is prepared to use.

How To Enable Two Steps Verification Of WhatsApp

Two-step verification is an effective feature. If you enable the option, it is possible to maintain more protection and security. So, let’s move below to see how to do it.

  1. Go to the WhatsApp APK Home Screen or user interface.
  2. You tap on three dots from the top right-side corner.
  3. After that, you find several options pop up, among them, click on Setting.
  4. And then, Click on the Account section.
  5. Now, click on the Two-Step verification.
  6. Click on the “Enable” option.
  7. Finally, enter a six-digit PIN and again put the same digits to confirm. In the end, you put an email address so that you can recover your PIN whenever you forget your PIN.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

It is a great section where you find specific questions and answers to get a concrete idea about the app. So, let’s see some questions and answers that generally comes to the people mind.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp app is an excellent messenger platform that is popular all over the planet. You can communicate virtually using this app by exchanging text messages, making audio & video calls. Besides, you can share different formats of files. In addition, you can create a group to build a community.

The group helps you to hang out with the group members.

Does WhatsApp have any harmful elements and component?

No, it does not contain any harmful elements such as viruses, threats, and malware. Users need not tackle any hassle whenever they want to install and run the app. WhatsApp application is an absolutely smooth, fresh, and quick app for Android or iOS.

So, you never get worried about the safety and security of your device.

Is WhatsApp free for Android users?

Yes, it is a 100% free communication Platform for Android smartphone users. You do not need to spend a single penny from your pocket or credit card. Due to free application, it is a very popular and famous app all over the planet.

So, people do not think twice to install the app.


From the above discussion, it can be said that WhatsApp APK is a simple and reliable application to communicate all almost all countries. Overall, it is a fantastic app for personal to professional level communication.

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