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Description of WAMOD

You can download WAMOD APK from here for free. It is a fantastic mod version application working as an instant messaging platform that modified from official WhatsApp. People like this WAMOD very much for 2 reasons the first one is that it has several new features that you do not find the original one.

And the second one is that it is an open-source app that allows you to customize at your own will.

You can chat with friends, make video & audio calls, create groups to build a community that helps to make group calls to hang out with group members. The interesting matter is that you enjoy every feature free of cost. You do not pay a single penny to install the WAMOD app.

Important Features of WAMOD

This social communication app has many exciting features and functions. It is so popular all over the world for its unique new features. So, let’s see below points why WAMOD is so attractive to Android users.

Colorful design and icon: WAMOD is a colorfully designed application that attracts users very much. Its icon is so eye-soothing that helps people to choose it at the first sight.

Protect your privacy: You can hide your status from the public. Besides, you can hide your blue ticks and double tick. As a result, nobody senses that whether you are online or not. In addition, if you type in the typing box the other side person does not see typing pop up.

Small size platform: This WAMOD messenger app is comparatively lightweight than the original one. It occupies lower space or storage from your device memory. As a consequence, it does not hamper your device’s navigational speed.

More functions and features to customize: It has more text fonts, colors, background color, themes, icons, and wallpaper that help to change the appearance. Besides, it has many stickers, emojis, smileys, emoticons, and GIFs. by sharing these you can express your specific feeling during the chat.

Secure and safe application: This is a 100% safe and secure app for making connections and communicating all over the globe. It does not carry any harmful elements that destroy the functionality of your device. So, you don’t get worried about harmful effects.

Update regular basis: This WAMOD app keeps updating regularly. So, you get fresh and quick service as it helps to fix unwanted bugs and bloatware.

Create group: It gives you an opportunity to create a group. You can invite your friends to join the group. The amazing matter is that you can hang out with the members by making audio and video calls.

Keep both official and mod apps at the same time: You can keep the WhatsApp and WAMOD simultaneously without facing any difficulty.

Back up all massages: You can back up all messages on google drive, other drives, and Gmail. So, you do not lose any important message from your chat.

Create archive: There is an option to create a new archive for specific users. So, useful functions for the users. People can store their messages very effectively and efficiently.

Redesigned contact card: WAMOD application redesign contact card that shows you the new update.

Disappearing mode: The amazing feature it is for the users. Whenever anybody sends a message you just see it and then instantly the chat messages get disappeared automatically.

How To Enable Last Seen Of WAMOD

Sometimes, it is very required to hide from the messenger as it helps to keep away from the disturbing message. Whenever someone finds you on the messenger instinctively, he or she communicates with you and tries to exchange messages.

Let’s proceed to see the steps how to enable Last Seen.

Step 1: Open the WAMOD APK home screen to find the 3 dots.

Step 2: Now, you find 3 dots on top of the right side, click on that.

Step 3: Then, getting several options, just click on Setting from those options.

Step 4: After that, tap on the Account option.

Step 5: Get the Privacy option, just click on it.

Step 6: Finally, you get the Last seen section where you can keep selected from the three options such as Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody. If you select the “Nobody” option, people do not understand whether you see the message or not.

How to Make The WAMOD App Dark Mode

It is so easy and simple to enable. Keeping your app dark mode is very beneficial for your eyes. You can protect your eyes from eyes strain. It also helps you to look and read the text very easily. So, you feel good whenever you navigate the app.

Step-1: Open the WAMOD APK home screen or interface.

Step-2: In the interface, you find 3 dots on top of the right side, now, click on it.

Step-3: Then, getting several options, just click on Setting from those options.

Step-4: After that, tap on the Chats to find your certain option.

Step-5: At last, click on Theme, and select the Dark Mode. Finally, click on Ok and get your interface dark mode.


People’s mind is vacillated to know more about the latest WAMOD application. In this section, some frequently asked questions are included with to-the-point answers. So, you get a clear and specific idea about the app.

What is WAMOD?

This application allows you to connect and communicate with a lot of people all over the world. It is very useful as it has several extra features and functions that are not available in the original WhatsApp. It is an open-source app so that you can customize your app as you want.

Does WAMOD keep the devices secure and safe?

Of course, it keeps your device secure and safe. No harmful elements it contains that harm your device. So, you do not feel worried to install and run. Day by day, the appeal of this modded app is increasing worldwide.

Is WAMOD illegal?

No, it is not illegal at all. WAMOD is 100% legitimate. It followed all international rules, regulations, procedures, and standards to set up and run. Still, it entangles any kind of illegal activities that bother the users. So, you can use the app without hassle and difficulty.

How do I update the app?

You do not need to update the app. You just go to this site’s download section and download the updated version of the WAMOD application. After downloading, you find a clean and fresh app for use.

How To Create a WAMOD Group

It is very easy and simple. First of all, you go to the WAMOD home screen and click on the 3 dots from the right side of the top. Here, you find a New Group option to click. After that, you get your contact list. Just, you crawl ups and down to select one contact at the beginning.

After selecting the contact, you just tap on an arrow button to go next level. Finally, you find a box, where you write the subject and click on the paste color button to complete group creation. At last, you can add a group description and complete the setup and invite friends to join the group.


You can chat, make audio & video calls, share different large files, create groups to build a similar interest community. Using the modified communication app, you can connect people worldwide. WAMOD APK is a great virtual communication tool. The app gives you a wonderful experience. So, you can install the app for your convenience. Overall, the modded app is very useful for its extra new features.


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