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Description of TAWhatsApp

TAWhatsApp APK is an instant messaging app for the Android platform that is full of a wide range of customizable features. It is a modified version of the popular social media application WhatsApp which is becoming popular day by day among Android users around the whole world.

The latest TAWhatsApp app provides the best possible security along with those features that are not included in the official WhatsApp. Users can hide their last seen and type status on this application. Besides, they can view the deleted messages in it which is a very exceptional feature.

In addition, it offers an amazing but easy-to-use interface that is easily understandable by users. On top of that it supports multiple languages in order to be compatible for users from all over the world.

Features of TAWhatsApp Application

  • There is a huge library of themes with several customizable options, for example, font color, font style, wallpapers, chat background color, etc. Users can change these options as per their preferences to personalize the themes. They can also download ready-to-use themes to use on it.
  • Users can chat and make audio or video calls to communicate with their family members, friends, and even strangers at anytime and anywhere.
  • Users can privately chat or make calls with individual people or groups. This feature will help them to maintain secret conversations and protect confidential information from third parties.
  • TAWhatsApp latest version offers an anti-delete messages feature by which users don’t need to fear about losing important conversations even if those are deleted. This feature enables users to view all the deleted messages if they need those for any purpose.
  • This application lets users send all types of files including photos, videos, audio, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Besides, they can send large files with the best possible quality and unlimited numbers.
  • It offers a scheduled message option that enables users to schedule messages to send them at a specific time and date. By this, it can send messages whether you have an internet connection or not.
  • There is a broadcast option by which you can create a broadcast list with some particular contacts. By creating that broadcast list, you can send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously.
  • This app also allows users to hide the second tick for typing and recording indicators within blue ticks. It will block the receivers from seeing those statuses.
  • Users will get a lot of privacy features to ensure that their activity is protected and secret from others if they wish to do so. They can hide their last seen and online statuses. Also, they can hide the forward message indicator.

How To Use TAWhatsApp Application

  1. First, you have to download TAWhatsApp APK from this website by clicking on the download button given on the application page.
  2. When the download has been completed, click on the install button and it will initiate the installation.
  3. Once the installation has been completed, click on the app icon from your device’s home screen to open it.
  4. After opening it, click on the Agree and Continue button to agree with the terms of service and then, register your contact number.
  5. After doing this, you will be directly taken to the home page.
  6. From the home page, you will get multiple options including Chats, Groups, Statuses, Calls, etc. By clicking on the Chats option, you can start chatting with your desired contacts.
  7. To chat in a group, click on the Groups option and press on that particular group.

How To Enable TAWhatsApp Disappearing Messages

There is a unique feature included in the TA WhatsApp app which is about disappearing messages. You can easily enable this option in this application.

  1. To enable the disappearing messages option, you have to open the app.
  2. Secondly, open an individual chat on which you want to enable the option.
  3. Then, click on the name of that contact and tap on the Disappearing Messages option.
  4. Once you press the option, you can see the Continue button. Click on that button.
  5. At this point, you will get a time limit option for disappearing messages that include 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days. Select your preferred time limit.
  6. Now, you have to scroll to the top of the screen and click on the Arrow icon which is next to the Disappearing Messages option. It will instantly enable the option for the chat of that particular contact.

What is TAWhatsApp App?

TAWhatsApp is an alternative application to the official WhatsApp that offers all the newest and most convenient features to improve and enhance the messaging experience for users. It helps users to share all types of things with others and offers a wide collection of the newest emojis and reactions that they can use to express their feelings and opinions in a more realistic way.

Where can I download the TAWhatsApp application?

You can download the TAWhatsApp app from this website right now. You will get a download button here. You just have to click on the download button, and it will initiate the download. Besides, you will get it for free from here and it doesn’t contain any kind of malware or bug.

So, it is completely safe to download it from here.

Are there any additions to privacy features on TAWhatsApp?

Yes. There are several additions to the privacy features of this app. It includes multiple hiding options to provide better service. You can hide all types of online statuses to block others from seeing your activity. Also, it helps you to create private conversations.


TAWhatsApp APK is the most popular instant messaging application on which you will get full control over all the features to personalize your messaging experience. It is a completely open-source app that lets you change the source code along with customizing the overall appearance.

Besides, it doesn’t lag at all as it is compatible with all kinds of Android devices so you can chat with people without any kind of disturbances. It is a perfect alternative to the original WhatsApp for all Android users.


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