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Soula WhatsApp

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Description of Soula WhatsApp

You can download Soula WhatsApp APK from here to enjoy many new features.

This is an instant messaging and chatting app that is modified from the official WhatsApp. It is a bit different and comfortable for its extra features and functions. Soula WhatsApp app is an open-source third-party and unofficial messenger application.

So, you can customize the app as you want. For customization options, it is very popular all over the world. Presently, Android mobile phone users love it very much to improve their social communication with friends, family, and strangers.

The surprising matter is that to entertain the application’s functions and its installation you do not need to use your credit card to pay. The latest Soula WhatsApp application is a 100% free for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

Features of Soula WhatsApp

It is special for its latest features and functions. It creates its unique position in the messenger apps field.

How does it happen?

So, let’s see some features below to get a clear idea.

Customize interface and graphics: This Soula WhatsApp messaging app allows users to modify and customize the user interface and its other functional areas. But original WA never allows you to customize as your own will. You must follow the default options.

Use more characters to write status: Modded version permits you to write 250 words status. So, you can explain your idea very clearly. However, official version allows only 139 characters to post a status.

Extra and attractive features: During the chatting, you can share more emojis, emoticons, stickers, smileys, and so on. Besides, to customize the entire look of the app, you can use more themes, colors, background colors. In addition, you add some themes from external sources to design the app in an attractive way. But you cannot do the above things by using the original one. It is strict to its functions and features.

Share large video and image files: Soula WhatsApp app authorize to share 30 minutes video. It also allows 700 MB of video files to send at a time. On the other hand, WhatsApp grants up to 64 MB and 30 seconds videos. So, people who frequently share video documents choose this modified app. Mod application permit to send 100 photos at one go.

Freezing the Last View: You can hide your online status and freeze your last seen. So, friends are not able to know whether you are online or not. You can enable the option to hide blue tick and double tick. So, nobody knows if you see the messages.

Safe and secure app for your device: This modded chatting app is 100% safe and secure. It does not contain any harmful malware or virus that affects your device. So, you don’t get alarmed about it.

Lightweight app: Soula WhatsApp latest application is comparatively a small size application. It occupies lower space and storage from your devices’ memory. So, you do not lose your android mobile phone’s speed.

Anti-ban system: This modified app never falls under a ban as it has an anti-ban system. So, you do not get worried about it.

Dark mode: You can convert your interface to the dark mode that helps a lot to keep your eyes safe. Dark mode or black mode reduces eye strain in low light conditions. It is also called night mode.

How To Share Location on Soula WhatsApp

Location sharing is a very wonderful feature of Soula WhatsApp. By sharing your location, you can provide the real-time position where you are and how much time you stay there. So, your friends can trace you and communicate right away.

First Step: Download Soula WhatsApp APK and install it.

Second Step: Now, launch the app and go to the home screen of this communication platform.

Third Step: Tap on Chats Option from the top left side of the menu bar.

Fourth Step: Now, from the Typing box, click on the Paper Clip icon.

Fifth Step: After that, you get a popup menu and find several options, from those options, click on the location

Sixth Step: Then, you can find 3 options to choose from here. One is share live location mention with different time slots i.e., how much time you stay at the location. Second is send your current location, and the third is share the exact name of the location.

How To Block Someone on Soula WhatsApp

Disturbing calls sometimes irritate and persecute you severely. Such calls spoil your valuable time and concentration. In this circumstance, you can use the Call Block System to get rid of unnecessary calls. It is said specifically that at the present time business promotion spreads massively.

To keep away from the promotional message and call, you can block certain numbers. So, let’s look below at how to block a number.

First Step: Go to the home screen of the Soula WhatsApp.

Second Step: Click Calls from the top of the right-side menu bar.

Third Step: Then, select the contact person who wants to block.

Fourth Step: Now, tap on 3 dots.

Fifth Step: Then Find a pop-up menu, from there click on the block.

There is an alternate option to block a contact,

First Step: Open the application first.

Second Step: Tap on Chats from the top of the left menu bar.

Third Step: Select the contact person who wants to block.

Fourth Step: Click on more option.

Fifth Step: Find a popup, just press the Block button.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Generally, people want to know more about this social application. In this part, a step is taken to answer some questions that come to mind frequently.

What is Soula WhatsApp?

Soula WhatsApp is a modified application of the official WhatsApp. It gives you a wonderful user experience by providing new and latest extra features and functions. The amazing matter is that for installing and using the app you do not pay a single cent. It is 100% free.

Is Soula WhatsApp the same as WhatsApp?

No, both are not the same. Soula WhatsApp is an unofficial app that is the modified version of the official version of WA. It is an open-source platform. So, users can customize and change at their own will. As a result, different people’s Soula WhatsApp interfaces look different.

Is Soula WhatsApp harmful?

This mod version does not harm your device as it never gets caught in any dangerous virus and malware. It is 100% safe, secure, and legal. Following all legal and safety standards, it came to the market. So, you don’t get worried about its harmful effects.


Soula WhatsApp APK provides you all the benefits that you find in the original one. Besides, you’ll get several extra features and functions that are not available in the official one. You can connect with a lot of people and make friends by using the mod app. It creates comfortable communication overall.

Soula WhatsApp

6.45 Sommer Damous

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