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Description of OBWhatsApp

OBWhatsApp APK is an excellent mod application for digital communication that is converted from official WhatsApp by customization. It is fantastic for its extra new features and functions that are not available in the original one. So, millions of people like it worldwide.

Millions of people have installed the latest OBWhatsApp app as it provides some amazing extra features that other similar mods and official WhatsApp do not offer. In the market, this app created great hyped. Day by day, the appeal of this app is increasing remarkably.

Now, connection or communication is easier than before. The app permits you to exchange text to chat with your friends, family, and others. In addition, this app is very functional to make wonderful audio and video calls to meet people virtually. So, there is no need to meet physically.

As a result, you can save time as well avoid the hassle.  Moreover, the OBWhatsApp application users can open groups and invite people to join the groups. Group members can hang out by making audio and video calls.

Key Features Of OBWhatsApp

  • Prevent deleting status and messages: In some cases, it is needed to be deleted status and messages. But, messages surfaced if you have enabled the anti-deleted option on your app. So, you never miss any messages and post to see whether delete.
  • Ads Free App: You never see any promotional ads that pop up frequently. So, using the app you never get irritated or annoyed. 
  • Many New Themes Included: New theme creates a new user interface outlook. This OBWhatsApp mod has many latest themes that are attractive and different from the original. So, you can choose your favorite themes for your convenience.
  • Hide blue and second ticks: Generally, if you see the messages the blue or double ticks are highlighted a bit. So, senders can perceive that the receivers see the messages. If you enable this option nobody trace whether you see the messages or not. 
  • Auto Reply: This option keeps the communication and relationship continuation. Whenever you are not available online Auto reply helps to answer some default questions. It gives basic information.
  • Chat Backup: Sometimes, there is a risk to lose your chats from the app. If you enable the backup system daily, weekly, and monthly you never lose valuable messages. 
  • Write longer Status: The mod app permits 255 characters to write the status resulting in you can express your feeling more detailed way. On the other hand, the official one allows only 139 characters.
  • Many Instant Reaction Elements. Different emotions and actions have different elements. You can express your reaction by using varied symbols and signs. There are many new smileys, stickers, emojis, emoticons, and GIFS that are added by the mod app. So, during the chat, you can express your feeling, emotion, and actions with one click.
  • Hide typing and recording: When you want to write anything on the message option it shows Typing or Recording. You can disable this option. So, Nobody senses whether you answer or not during the chat.
  • Download and Copy Status: OBWhatsApp app allows you to copy the written status of others. Besides, you can download the images and videos that are posted. However, you cannot copy and download anything from the original WA as it is restricted by the app authority.
  • Keep Both Apps: original and mod keep and use them at the same time without any sort of hassle. 2 different apps serve 2 different purposes. One you can use personal communication and another professional. As a result, you never get confused about the communicated channels. You can keep segregated 2 different groups while making any call or message.
  • Schedule Messages: You never miss sending any important personal and professional messages because you can schedule the message by date and time to deliver in advance.
  • Show everyone offline: If you enable the hide last seen option nobody can trace you whether you are online or not. So, you can avoid unnecessary messages, notifications, audio, and video calls.
  • Antiban Feature: Your app never gets caught in a ban. This is because the app has enabled antiban. So, you don’t get worried about losing any information that shares at different times.
  • DND Mode: You do not get notifications, messages, or calls if you activate the “Don’t disturb Mode” (DND).
  • Encrypted data: Nobody can steal the data and information as everything is encrypted.
  • Safe and Secure: No bugs and malware harm your device operation as it updates and upgrades to fix immediately after the attack.
  • Pin Important Messages:  you can select and pin the important messages on the top of the chat background. So, you need not search more to find it again.

How To Hide The Last Seen Of The OBWhatsApp

  1. Open the OBWhatsApp APK and from the home screen you just click on the 3 dots.
  2. Then, tap on the setting option.
  3. After that, several options you see, from these options, you click on the privacy option.
  4. Now, you find the Last Seen option to activate, click on it and tick the “ My Contact Except”.
  5. At last, the Last Seen option enable.


Why do users choose OBWhatsApp?

Users can select the app for their communication convenience as it offers many extra and attractive features that are not available in other similar mods and original WhatsApp. So, it creates smooth and clear communication for all.

Is OBWhatsApp a heavily weighted app for Android users?

No, the size of the app is comparatively small than other mod apps. It occupies low space from your Android memory. As a result, there is no chance to lose your device navigational speed as well as the app.

Is it a legitimate app for users?

Of course, all legal procedures, standards, rules, regulations, and papers works were done before launching the app in the market. So, you need not address any unwanted hassle at any time.

In A Nutshell

OBWhatsApp APK is a very essential app for android users to connect and communicate digitally with millions of people every day. You can meet virtually by making audio and video calls as well as exchanging text messages. So, it is a powerful modified app that you can choose.


51 Omar Badeeb

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