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Description of OB5WhatsApp

OB5WhatsApp APK is an efficient modified version that comes up with lots of cool and functional features. It will enhance your communication pattern smarter and more compatible compared to the official version of the WhatsApp application.

In the official version, you felt limited and restricted while chatting with friends. In this mod app, you won’t feel the same way that you feel while using the previous one. Here, the latest OB5WhatsApp app is filling all the gaps, with its dark theme, customized secure privacy, etc. features.

This app leaves no stone unturned to make user conversation more interesting and convenient. That’s why this mod application stands out from all other third-party anti-ban extension apps. Keep reading to find out more about its functional features in detail.

Features Of OB5WhatsApp Application

For Android users, it will be the most effective communication application in their daily lives. This app allows users to customize from theme to their private conversation, hide online status, auto-reply template, anti-delete message, and so on.

Moreover, OB5WhatsApp modified application allows users to connect and communicate with people all over the world in a new unique way. It will give you a completely new vibe, where you may feel like you are stepping into a new era of communication.

Furthermore, for day-to-day conversation, you will not only get lots of extra features to have a smooth experience, but you can also read and listen to religious things such as Muslim holy Quranic verses in your app in different languages. Consequently, you can use this mod app feature for your spiritual growth as well.

Let's have a look at all the features below.

Customize notification Icon: OB5WhatsApp app allows users to select from a variety of notification icons according to their choice. At the same time, users can use the hide option to make their notification icon look cleaner.

Freeze last message: If you don’t want your contact to know your last seen time, then this mod app will be very useful. It allows the user to freeze the last message, where the user can choose and set the date and time based on their preference. Basically, it will give you a great sense of comfort.

Therefore, when you wish to hide your last seen time from a specific contact, you can do it more easily than ever now.

Anti-View Once: Anti-View features will allow you control over your sent messages and privacy. It means you can access any message whenever you want, despite the sender giving you one-time access.

Remove-forward-level: This mod app offers so many cool features and remove-forward-level is one of them. If you got any interesting messages from your common friends by forward, then now you can use those forwarded messages as your original message.

Since this feature allows you to remove the forward level from messages, that means now you can use other forward messages to share the important or confidential message as your original message. Without compromising your privacy, you can remove the forward level as long as you want.

Anti-delete-Message: With OB5WhatsApp mod app, you will be able to access the anti-delete-message feature. It will allow you to retrieve the deleted messages. As a result, if the sender intentionally or mistakenly deletes the message, without any trouble you can read those messages anytime by using the anti-delete message feature.

Hide Watch Status: Hide watch status will allow you to see all your friend's cool stories without letting them know. By using this feature, you can maintain your privacy and enjoy suspicious activity.

Write Long Status: Now enjoy the moment by writing creative long status or sharing daily activities through words. This mod app feature allows users to share long statuses with 255 characters and lots of emoji as well.

Language Support: In this mod application you will get more than 20 different language support options. You can use this feature effectively while conversing in different languages. Although this mod app was exclusively created for the Arabic language, you have other choices to pick the language to use for conversation.

Islamic Collection: This mod application is exclusively made for the Arabic language, to focus on Muslim majority people. Where you can practice spiritual things as well. It allows users to read and listen to holy Quranic verses in different languages. Therefore, you can use this feature to make your spiritual growth stronger.

Auto-Replay Template: Here on this mod app, you will get an auto-replay template, where you can set a day-to-day auto-replay-template message option for your contacts to get your job done effectively. By using this feature, you can easily navigate and connect with your contacts more robustly.

Control Blue Ticks: With the mod application feature, you can now read people's messages without letting them know. Because you can now control your privacy and conversation effectively with this feature. It allows the user to control the blue tick mark, after reading the sender's message.

As a result, the sender won’t know that you have already read their message. Moreover, you will get an option to decide on a specific contact who can see the blue tick mark.

Dark Mode Theme: The dark mode theme allows you to change the interface of the design. It brings a modern look to the app and gives your eyes soothing, especially at night.

How To Use OB5WhatsApp For Android

If you don’t know how to navigate the OB5 WhatsApp app on your device properly, after downloading and installing the app, then below are some specific key points that you surely want to look at. By following these steps, you will be able to use this mod application effectively. 

For sending a message,

First Step: Download OB5WhatsApp APK and open it on your phone.

Second Step: Tap the icon label chats from the panel icon. It will take you to the message tab option.

Third Step: Click the icon of a notepad on the right-hand corner of your screen to compose a message.

Fourth Step: Choose a contact from your list or simply type the name on the search bar.

Fifth Step: After selecting a contact from a list, type a message into the message box.

To make an audio and video call,

First Step: Open the OB5 WhatsApp on your phone.

Second Step: Click the icon label call from the panel of icons on your phone screen. To make a phone call simply tab the call icon.

Third Step: The same process will apply when you want to make a video call. Now instead of tab on the audio call icon, you have to tap on the video call icon on your phone screen. This will lead you to have a video call.

Fourth Step: When you are done, to end the call simply click the red icon on your phone.

To make dark theme interface,

First Step: Open the communication app and tap on the three-dot option in the right-hand corner of your phone screen.

Second Step: Click the setting option.

Third Step: Just tap on the Chat option.

Fourth Step: After tapping on the chat option, you will get many features such as Theme, Wallpaper, font size, and so on. You just need to click on the theme option where you will get the customized option of a dark theme interface.

Fifth Step: By clicking on the dark theme option, you enable the modern interface on your device successfully.

How To Off OB5Whatsapp Active Status

With the app, you can now turn off your active status for specific people on your contact list. Sometimes you may feel low when you want to avoid chatting with some specific people. To avoid these uncomfortable feelings this mod app can play a crucial role.

Follow the below steps to turn off your active status.

Step 1: Download OB5WhatsApp MOD APK and open it.

Step 2: Click on more options and select setting.

Step 3: Click on privacy. Here you will get an option on last seen and online. Select your preferred option.

Step 4: Tap on that and select any option from there such as My Contact, My Contact Except, and Nobody.

Step 5: After selecting the option, you will be able to successfully turn off the active status from a specific contact.

How can I know if someone is checking me secretly on OB5WhatsApp?

Usually, you will not find out who has viewed your profile due to OB5WhatsApp hide online feature. But if you wish to do the same things to others, then you can simply set those settings on your Android device.

Why is someone not showing online on OB5WhatsApp?

Well, it’s possible that they changed their privacy settings to the "hide" option. Moreover, that depends on person-to-person preference. If they are not willing to show you online, then it’s a big sign that they are probably ignoring you.


OB5WhatsApp APK comes with lots of functional and effective features.

This mod application not only gives you a smooth experience while chatting, but it will also strengthen your spiritual morality. Since the mod app comes with a holy Quran audio and reading option, it gives an opportunity to practice Muslim religious things more effectively.


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