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Description of OB3WhatsApp

OB3WhatsApp APK application is an exceptional ultimate tool. Here you will find every unique feature to take your communication experience to the next level. In addition, you can secure your privacy more strongly than ever due to its fingerprint lock features.

Moreover, this latest OB3WhatsApp app mainly focuses on enhancing the user experience. That’s why it allows users to experience the most amazing additional features, compared to the original WA. To make your daily life conversation more interesting and unique, this mod app can play a vital role.

Furthermore, smart people are looking for smart devices and apps, and this app is a perfect example of this. By using it, users can now have more interesting, fun, and smooth conversations with family and friends. Keep reading to find out more features about this mod app in detail.

Features OF OB3WhatsApp Application

It’s an incredible app for those people who are mainly looking for freedom of customization options. Here they can personalize everything from privacy to security, themes, messages, and more. Moreover, you will find the most exciting and cool features, that don’t exist on the original WhatsApp.

Let's have a look at the features.

Hide Access Report: With this OB3WhatsApp mod app, you can hide a bluetick after reading sender messages, so they don't get notified that you have read their message. If you want to ignore specific contacts, then this hide access feature can be very useful for you.

Stickers and Emojis: To make your conversation more colorful and interesting, you can add stickers and emojis while chatting. The app offers lots of cool emojis and sticker features to bring out your emotions so that you can express your feelings in a better way.

Message Scheduler: Here on this mod app, you can set a time and date schedule to auto-replay your important contacts. Due to your busy life, sometimes you may not be able to reply immediately. This feature will assist you in maintaining your day-to-day life conversation by auto-replay.

Supported Data Backup: The data backup feature will help you store important messages, media photos, and videos. By using this feature, you can secure and retrieve your memorable photos and messages easily. This ensures your personal data remains secure for a lifetime.

Fingerprint Lock: If you don’t want your private message to be read by other people, then you can use this fingerprint lock feature. It has an extra layer of security, which provides full support with your fingerprint to lock the app effectively.

Hiding Options: With hidden features, you will be able to hide your online status from specific contacts. Along with this, you can hide your recording action and typing message action. Basically, other people won’t be notified of your activities if you use a hiding feature.

Theme Support: In the latest OB3WhatsApp modified version, many cool themes are available. By choosing any one of them you can give your interface a modern stunning look. It will make your conversation experience more enjoyable and fun.

Disable Forward Tag: Sometimes you may find some interesting messages or information from forwarded messages, but you can’t use them as your original message in your official WhatsApp. However, using the disable forward feature on the mod app, you can easily remove the forward label and use those messages as your original one without letting anyone know.

Anti-delete-Message: Anti-delete message feature allows users to read the sender's deleted messages. Also, if you accidentally delete any messages, you can still retrieve those messages straight away.

Font Style: With this mod app, you can change your font style. There are plenty of font styles available, you can pick any one of them that suits your preference.

Dark Mode: For a long period of screen time, it can affect your eyes. OB3WhatsApp app introduces a dark mode feature to prevent this issue. It will help you to reduce eye strain and importantly preserve your phone's battery life.

Long Status: With this mod app, you can now share your life's sad or happy moments through words more creatively. Because it allows users to write up to 250 words. So now don’t limit your thoughts to the word limit.

Freeze your Last Seen: If you don’t want your contacts to know about your last seen status, you can now do this more effectively than ever. Simply enable the feature from your settings to control the last seen status when you want it to be visible to others.

Hide View Status: With OB3 WhatsApp, you can secretly view your Contact My Day status without letting them know.

Message without saving a phone number: This mod app introduces so many cool features, being able to send messages without saving a phone number is one of the best features among them. It allows users to send messages without saving phone numbers.

Group Privacy: With the group privacy feature, you can easily control your information on OB3WhatsApp group members. This feature allows you to take control of how much information you want visible to group members. 

How To Use OB3WhatsApp For Android

If you are struggling to navigate the communication application on your Android device after installing it, then below are some specific key points that you may want to look at. By following these steps, you will be able to use this mod app on Android device smoothly.

For sending message,

First Step: Download OB3WhatsApp APK and open it on your Android device.

Next Step: From the panel icon, tap the Chats icon. You will be directed to the Messages tab option.

Third Step: To compose a message, click on the notepad icon in the right-hand corner of your screen.

Fourth Step: Choose a contact from your list or simply type the name on the search bar.

Fifth Step: After selecting a contact from your list, you are ready to type a message in the message box.

For making audio or video calls,

First Step: As usual, open the OB3WhatsApp MOD APK on your Android device.

Next Step: There you will notice a panel of call icons on your phone screen. To make a phone call, simply tap the call icon.

Third Step: The same process will apply when you want to make a video call. Now instead of tapping on the audio call icon, you have to tap on the video call icon on your phone screen. This will lead you to have a video call.

Fourth Step: In conclusion, when you are about to be done, to end the call, simply click on the red icon on your phone.

How To Add OB3WhatsApp Link To Facebook Page

To add the link to your Facebook page, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the OB3WhatsApp business app on your phone.

Step 2: Then go to the settings option.

Step 3: Next tap business tools.

Step 4: Choose Facebook for login and tap continue.

Step 5: After successfully logging in to Facebook, choose the page that you want to link to OB3WhatsApp, and tap connect. If you look closely, you will notice the OB3WA button on your Facebook page appears.

Boom, you have successfully done your job.

Can you see OB3WhatsApp from Facebook?

No, Facebook is unable to listen to personal calls or read messages due to OB3WhatsApp end-to-end call encryption security. This feature secures your calls and messages.

Is it linked to a phone or phone number?

All OB3WhatsApp is tied to a phone number, without providing a phone number you won't be able to use the mod app on your Android device.


OB3WhatsApp APK comes with lots of unique additional features to give you an unparalleled experience. By using this mod app, you can now connect to people all over the world. Therefore, if you want to have a smooth conversation experience with amazing features, then you should get this mod app now.


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