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Description of OB2WhatsApp

OB2WhatsApp APK is a modified version of official WhatsApp. It comes with various features and customization options. Despite several mod versions on the market, this one stands out from the crowd. Moreover, it has a feminine version of pink themes, which attracts the girls the most.

On this latest OB2WhatsApp application, you will get a large number of features to enhance conversation qualities with your friends and family. From customized privacy to distinct themes, you will find every additional functionality that enriches the messaging experience.

With the app's unique features and customization options, it goes beyond the limited official WhatsApp. By using this mod app without compromising your privacy, communicate with people smartly. Keep reading to find out more about its cool features in detail.

Features of OB2WhatsApp App

For Android users, it would be a blessing to have such a unique feature mod app. If you are looking for additional features on the modified version, then OB2 WhatsApp would be your ideal choice. For every feature that you crave in the mod version, this app offers the same as you would expect.

It introduces users to many unique cool features.

Along with enhancing the user messaging capabilities experience like never before.

Let’s have a look at their features below.  

Edit Message: After sending a message, if you notice that there is some spelling mistake, you can easily fix those spellings with this edit message feature.

Send Large Files: With this OB2WhatsApp mod app, you can share now 100MB+ whereas before on the official WhatsApp, it wasn’t possible to imagine.

Advanced Translation: In this mod app, you can translate multiple languages easily. By using this feature, you can break the shackles of language and communicate with people worldwide.

Switch Account: Use multiple accounts very easily. This allows users to have access to their messages from various devices.

Increased Group Chat Size Limit: On official WhatsApp, you may be able to add approximately 256 participants to your group chat. However, in the mod app, you can increase the number twice. Here you can add 1000 participants to your group chat.

Locked conversation: With the locked conversation feature, you can now secure all private messages. It allows users to lock their sensitive messages effectively. As a result, it remains secure for the rest of life.

Identify Blocked Suspects: Sometimes you may not detect if the other person has blocked you or not, to verify that you can use this feature. It will assist you in having better communication with your friends.

Hide Online status: If you don’t want your friends to know about your online activities, then you can utilize the hidden online feature. This feature will allow you to stay active online without letting your friends know.

Customize Themes and Fonts: Using OB2WhatsApp modified version, customize the theme and give a stunning, eye-catching look at your interface design. Moreover, here you can find the most widely popular pink themes and options to choose what suits your preference.

Furthermore, you can change your font style to make your conversation more interesting and fun.

Auto Replay and Schedule Messages: You can set a date and time to send an auto-replay to your specific contact. This auto-replay feature assists in responding automatically. Now, without worrying about delayed responses, you can focus on other activities.

Internet Control: This mod app allows users to control their internet turn-off option from the messaging platform. It is so useful for those people who desire to stay long on the messaging platform.

How To Download OB2WhatsApp For Android

Due to policy restrictions, you may not find the app in the Google Play Store. However, some alternative ways will help you download and install it on your Android device. Below are some specific steps that will assist you from downloading to installing the app smoothly.

Have a look at it below.

First Step: From here, download OB2WhatsApp APK for your device.

Second Step: Once the download is complete, open the app on your Android device.

Third Step: Then for installing the mod application enable the Unknown Source. To do that, go to the setting > security > enable Unknown Source.

Fourth Step: After enabling the Unknown Source, tap on the app file again to start the installation process.

Fifth Step: Once the installation is complete, enter your local number to connect with your Android device.

Sixth Step: After providing the number a few seconds later you will receive a verification code. Then simply activate the code and experience the most unique and functional features in the mod application.

How To Unblock On OB2WhatsApp

In the heat of the moment sometimes you may feel like taking some bold action and then a few seconds later you regret it. Blocking someone on social media platforms is one of them. Maybe you want to make them feel sorry for their behavior, but instead, now you regret your actions.

However, after blocking someone on a social platform if you feel like unblocking them, then you can do this very easily. To do that, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open OB2WhatsApp MOD APK on your Android device.

Step 2: Next, tap on Settings.

Step 3: In the settings menu tap “Account”, then tap on “Privacy”, and then “Blocked Contacts”.

Step 4: Now tap on the name of the contact that you blocked.

Step 5: Finally, tap on unblock and reconnect with that person again Cheers.

When you block someone on OB2WhatsApp do they know?

It doesn't notify another person when you block them on the mod app. But later they can assume that you have blocked them due to your disabled profile or have not seen blue tick marks.

When I unblock someone on WhatsApp will they know?

No, because the person you have unblocked will not receive any notification messages. So, after blocking someone if you regret your decision, then you can unblock them straight away without any hesitation.


OB2WhatsApp APK is an amazing alternative modified app to the official WhatsApp. It offers a unique feature and lots of customization choices, which will make your messages with family and friends more exciting, smooth, and enjoyable.


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