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Description of MRWhatsApp

MRWhatsApp APK is one of the most popular modified versions of the original WhatsApp that offers a wide collection of extra features to enhance the experiences of its users. It offers a very simple but intuitive user interface by which users can easily use the app without facing any difficulties.

It allows users to do a lot of customization and changes both in the interface and multiple features.

The latest MRWhatsApp application allows users to easily manage chat and call settings. They can talk with friends and family members through audio and video calls all day long. Moreover, it offers a large number of privacy-oriented features to make it convenient and user-friendly for users.

Features of MRWhatsApp App

  • Customization: There is a huge range of customization options that enable users to use custom font styles, change font color, modify chat background, use multiple display pictures, etc. These help users to change and redesign the appearance of it according to their preferences.
  • End-To-End Encryption: It has an end-to-end encryption feature for providing better privacy options. By using this feature, they can be able to keep their activities private and secure from unauthorized access.
  • Auto Backup: It includes an auto backup feature to backup and restore the chat and media history in Google Drive or any other space. By enabling this option, you don’t have to manually set the backup. It will backup your all the chat and media history regularly to the specific email address that you have added.
  • Disappearing Mode: MRWhatsApp latest version includes a disappearing mode that is mainly used for text messages. This mode will help you to disappear any of your selected messages. Besides, it has a keep messages option. If you select this option, it will display those messages even if you have enabled the disappearing mode.
  • Chat Lock and Private Chat: It offers a private and chat lock feature. By using the chat lock feature, you can lock a particular chat if you want to restrict others from snooping on your personal matter. In addition, you can privately chat with a specific contact with the support of the private chat feature.
  • Location Sharing: This application allows users to easily share their live location with anyone they want. It will help them to let know their friends and family members about their location.
  • DND Mode: It includes the Do Not Disturb mode by which they can avoid unwanted conversations and calls. By using this feature, they can also avoid promotional calls and messages and concentrate on their work.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: This feature will help you get more privacy and security. By this, you can know who is sneaking on your chat or on the app itself.
  • Enhanced Privacy Settings: Users will get several advanced privacy options such as hiding status views, typing indicator, online status, anti-revoking option, viewing deleted messages, removing forward tags, hiding blue ticks, delivery indicator, etc.
  • Anti-Ban Protection: Users will also get an anti-ban protection system to ensure that there is nothing to worry about banning it by the official WhatsApp. Users can stay tension-free about losing their important data including messages, and media files. It won’t be banned suddenly.

How To Hide Online Status On MRWhatsApp Application

  1. Firstly, download MRWhatsApp APK from this website, and install it on Android.
  2. Secondly, open the app by clicking on its icon from your device’s home screen and log in to it by using your contact number.
  3. Next, click on the Three-dot icon from the top right side of the main screen of this application and tap on the Settings option.
  4. When you tap on the Settings option, it will show multiple options. From these options, click on the Account option.
  5. Then, click on the Privacy option and scroll down until you find the Last Seen option.
  6. Once you have found the Last Seen option, click on it.
  7. Here, you will get three options including Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. Click on the Nobody option to hide your online status from all the contacts.
  8. If you want to hide your online status from specific contacts, simply click on the My Contacts option.

How Can I Activate Security Notification Option on MRWhatsApp App

It is important to activate the security notification option on the MR WhatsApp application because it helps you protect your account from unauthorized access and third parties. To activate the security notification option on the app, follow some simple steps that are given below.

  1. First, you have to open MRWhatsApp MOD APK by clicking on its icon from your device’s home screen.
  2. It will directly take you to the home page where you will get a Three-dot icon.
  3. Click on the Three-dot icon > click on Settings option > Account > Tap on the Security Notifications option.
  4. Now, enable the Show Security Notification on this Device option and it will be activated.

What is MRWhatsApp?

MRWhatsApp app is a widely used communication platform that will connect you with friends, family, and others with ease. By using this application, you can send a message, share photos or videos, or make audio or video calls very easily. It will provide the fastest and most secure messaging experience.

Is it possible to change the language in MRWhatsApp?

Yes. It is surely possible to change the language on MRWhatsApp latest application. To change it, you have to go to Settings > click on the Language option > select your preferred language from the list > click on the OK option. The language of the application is changed.

What is the main feature of MRWhatsApp?

The main feature of this app is its privacy-oriented customization options. When you use it, you can not only chat or talk with people but also you can create polls in contact messages, hide blue ticks, hide typing indicators, hide online status, and use a translator.


MRWhatsApp APK is the most prominent and reliable instant messaging app that protects privacy and maintains the security of its users. It offers unique features by which users can exchange their messages, photos, videos, songs, and other files with others to enhance connection between themselves.

Anyone with just an Android and an internet connection can use it without thinking twice or any kind of hesitation.



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