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MJW WhatsApp

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Description of MJW WhatsApp

MJW WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp. It allows users to experience additional features and functions beyond the original WhatsApp version. In the official mod version, you will get exclusive features and customization options.

Get your complete creative freedom, from changing your emojis to increasing the status word limit and sending large media files. MJW WhatsApp app provides unmatched cool features and interface themes, which you will not get from the original WhatsApp.

Basically, the latest MJW WhatsApp application comes with a bang. Its dark theme will make the app's interface more enjoyable.

Features Of MJW WhatsApp

It always provides the latest features that are very cool and interesting for mod application users. It's an excellent platform for keeping in touch with your family and friends. That's why, day by day, this mod version's popularity is increasing all over the world.

Therefore, without wasting any time, check out some cool features of this mod application.

  • Emoji Changer: Emoji changer option will allow you to express yourself in a more special way. Now you can use and change emojis according to your choice, which you will not find in an original WA.
  • Text Bomb Features: Text bomb features will make your messaging experience more exciting. Here you can find some unique text bomb features that will help you engage in dynamic conversation.
  • Animation Effect: During messaging on the MJW WhatsApp app, the animation effect will bring a vibration touch to your conversation. So, by adding that animation effect during chatting, you can make your conversation more fun and interesting.
  • Zoom profile: It allows users to zoom in on their profile. So, users can have a closer look to see contact details.
  • Privacy Mode: This mod version comes with stronger customizable privacy. You can enhance your privacy settings by managing your online status and last seen information.
  • Theme features: You will get a customized option to fit your style. This mod version of the application allows users to experience a variety of theme options. So that you can customize your theme in a better way to bring cooler looks to your theme's appearance.
  • Dark Mode: MJW WhatsApp mod version also provides dark mode features. It's helpful to reduce your eye strain and conserve battery life.
  • iPhone Emojis: To bring a unique flair to your conversation. You will get iPhone emojis on this mod version. It seems like the MJW WhatsApp application leaves no stone unturned to give users a smooth experience on chat.
  • Online Gift: Now you can surprise your contact with online gifts. It will make your interaction more fun with your close friends and family.
  • Hide Tick Two: With the hide marks, interact with your contacts more discreetly than ever.
  • Show Online/Last Seen: This mod version application allows users to choose whether they are willing to share their online status or last seen information with their contact.
  • Video Upload: In this mod application, you will get a shared video feature where you can share videos up to 300 MB in size to effectively communicate.
  • Send Images: Now share your images with higher resolution and quality with this mod application. It allows users to share their memorable moments with clarity.
  • Increase status word to 300: In the original WhatsApp, you had a word limit for status. But in the mod application, you can explain yourself in more detail. MJW WhatsApp application feature allows users to use a word limit of 300 characters.
  • Hide name and Date: It offers anonymity features. Maintain your invisibility by hiding your name and date.
  • Copy and Paste the Status: Now you can easily copy and paste statuses to share with others. This mod application feature allows users to interact with each other in a more fun way.

How To Download MJW WhatsApp For Android

For policy restriction, you may not be able to find the app on Google Play Store. Therefore, you may be wondering how on earth you can get this mod application. Don’t worry, I have mentioned some specific key steps that will help you to install the app.

Let’s get down to the details.

First Step: From here, download MJW WhatsApp APK for your device.

Second Step: Then permit installation of a third-party app. To do that, go to menu > settings > security > Unknown Source. In order to install the app, you have to enable the Unknown Source.

By turning it on, you are one step closer to installing the app.

Third Step: After enabling the Unknown Source, click the Install button to start the installation process.

Fourth Step: During the installation process you may notice some warning messages. Just skip it and keep continuing the process.

Fifth Step: After the installation is complete. You may want to open the application and have fun with cool features and customize interface themes.

How To Activate MJW WhatsApp Without Code

If for some reason you are unable to receive SMS or calls to activate WhatsApp. Then there are some tricks that you can follow to activate the MJW WhatsApp without any verification code. Usually, we all know to activate WhatsApp we need to provide a contact number.

However, there are some alternative ways that you can follow to activate the application. Such as airplane mode. It will help you activate your mod application via airplane mode. Let's jump right into the process.

Firstly, download MJW WhatsApp APK and install it. Then activate the airplane mode and Wi-Fi.

Secondly, now open the app. Then you will notice the app will request you to enter the phone number to register. Since you cannot receive SMS or phone calls, itwill ask you to verify the app alternatively.

Thirdly, enter your email address in the alternative process and click OK. After that, go to your email inbox to check for the activation key.

Fourthly, copy it and return it to WhatsApp.

Fifthly, enter the password that WA asks for verification and activate it.

That’s how you can activate your account in a different way without having to verify a phone line.

Can you set up MJW WhatsApp with an email address?

To set up a mod application with an email address. Go to your account > Two-Step Verification > Enable. Then enter a six-digit PIN of your choice to confirm it. Then provide an email address if anyone is trying to access your account. You will be notified via email.

Does uninstalling MJW WhatsApp delete messages?

No, but there are significant changes happening in your chat messages. You may still receive them, but you won’t be able to access them. Moreover, it has a local backup and a cloud backup. Up till you reinstall the app, your messages will be kept.

Is it safe to use MJW WhatsApp?

Yes, because it provides end-to-end encryption security. It will keep your personal data secure.


MJW WhatsApp APK offers lots of unique features and a variety of customized themes. Along with a digital clock, running text, big text, a black interface theme, and various customization options. Basically, it will be overwhelming for a mod application lover.

Because they will get so many exciting and cool features compared to regular WhatsApp.

MJW WhatsApp

9.71 MJW Mods

73.37 MB

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MJW Mods




73.37 MB

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