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Mizo WhatsApp

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Description of Mizo WhatsApp

Mizo WhatsApp APK comes with lots of unique and exciting features to enrich your messaging experience. Here you will get everything from secure privacy to a customization theme option. This feature will play a crucial role while messaging your friends and family.

With the latest Mizo WhatsApp app, you will get various features to make messages exciting. You can do more suspicious activities than ever in this mod version. Your friends won’t be able to see your last seen and they won’t realize that you have used a forwarded message as your original and so on.

Moreover, you will explore everything in a new way, which you usually do not get on the original WhatsApp. keep reading to find out more in detail about its cool features.

Features Of Mizo WhatsApp Application

It works like a charm as an alternative to official WA. Here you will get an additional unique feature that is limited to the original version. If you are tired of using limited features, then you may be interested in having a look at this Mizo WhatsApp mod app.

Have a look below at its cool features,

Hide Online Status: With this mod app, you can now hide your activity online. Since the feature allows users to hide their online status, you can now be active online on mod WhatsApp without letting your friends know as long as you want.

Freeze Last Seen: Freeze Last Seen feature allows users to set the last seen time and as a result, your friend will remain unaware of your activities. They won’t know that you are online after the set as last seen time.

Hide Blue Ticks: If you want to read your friend's messages without letting them know, then you will love hidden blue tick features. It allows you to read people's messages without their concerns because the mod app will not notify them that you have read their message.

Customize Interface: Here on this Mizo WhatsApp modified app, you will get the customize option with a variant theme design. It will allow you to choose an interface design that suits your preferences. Doing that can enhance your messaging experience to be more delightful.

Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers: It makes sending messages to unsaved numbers so easy. This feature allows users to send messages without saving their contact numbers. Consequently, you can effectively connect and communicate with people all over the world.

Choose the people you want to call you: If you feel irritated by a wrong number call or any specific individual call, then this feature can work like a charm for you. Because you can now be able to set up a contact to say who can call you or not.

Hide Forward Message: Sometimes you find some important message or interesting things in a forwarded message. However, due to limited policy on the original WhatsApp, you may not be able to use those messages as yours. Luckily, you can now use those forwarded messages like yours by using Mizo WhatsApp app for free. The feature allows users to use forwarded messages as their original ones and hide the forward label.

As a result, no one will question the message's originality.

Anti-delete Message: Anti-delete message feature allows users to read the sender's deleted message. However, if you ever miss out on reading someone's messages due to a delete, you can now easily retrieve those messages using the feature.

Anti-View once: Anti-view feature allows the user to control messages and privacy. This means you can now access any messages despite the user giving you only one-time access.

How To Off Mizo WhatsApp Messenger Sound

If you feel irritated while using the messenger sound, then luckily for you some options can be utilized to turn off the messenger sound. Follow the simple step-by-step process below to turn off your mod Messenger sound.

First Step: First things first, download Mizo WhatsApp APK from here. After downloading and installing, open it on your device.

Second Step: Then go to settings.

Third Step: In the settings option, tap on the notification.

Fourth Step: On notification, you will find the turn conversation tone off option. Simply tap on that and congrats, you have successfully turned off the mod messenger sound.

How To Exit Mizo WhatsApp Group Silently

For bombarding message notifications, if you feel stuck in the Group, then don’t worry, there is a way that you can follow to leave the group silently. Below is the process that you can apply to leave from any group.

Step 1: Open your Mizo WhatsApp group on your device.

Step 2: Tap the name of the group you want to take leave.

Step 3: Then in groups swipe left on the chat to find more button options. Simply tap on it.

Step 4: There you will notice the Exit Group option, click on that to take the exit from the group.

Step 5: lastly again, confirm your decision when a notification message appears and tells you that only the admin will be notified that you left, simply tap the accept option. Done, you have successfully left the group.

Can you silently leave the Mizo WhatsApp group?

Yes, you can leave the group without making any fuss, but the group admin will know that you have left the group.

How long after leaving the Mizo WhatsApp group can you rejoin?

You have to wait at least 24 hours to rejoin the group. You can also let the admin know your desire to reconnect with them. So that the group admin or participant can share a group invitation link with you.

Can you see who removed you from the Mizo WhatsApp group?

Yes, you will see the person's name in the group and the message when you are removed by the admin from the group. A message will appear stating that you are no longer a participant in the group.


Mizo WhatsApp APK allows users to experience unique additional features so that they can message their close friends more enjoyably. It allows users to explore different features from the traditional WhatsApp. Consequently, users of this mod application experience the most advanced features.

Mizo WhatsApp

93 MizoWA

53.43 MB

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