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KB WhatsApp

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Description of KB WhatsApp

KB WhatsApp APK is a mod app that customizes and transforms from the original WhatsApp adding and deducting several new features. It is very advantageous for digital communication lovers. This is because it includes many attractive features that normally are not available in the official one.

This application’s user interface, icons, tabs, and background are more wonderful than other mods. Basically, the latest KB WhatsApp application gets famous for its advanced, enhanced, and expanded capabilities. In some cases, it outsmarts the official WhatsApp.

It has 4 versions red, blue, gold, and black. Features are identical although it has 4 color interfaces. It is fantastic who love different colors of appearance and outlook. It gives you chance to connect and communicate with a vast number of people who belong to different countries of the world.

Users can also make audio and video calls to see and talk every day.

Features of KB WhatsApp App

The messenger app adds many basic to advanced features that enhance the performance of the app. So, let’s see below what are those.

  • Free App: You do not pay a single penny from your pocket to install the app. Besides, the features it offers are totally free as well. So, you do not require becoming tense about the financial transaction.
  • Create Group: Hang out is an instinctive habit of all ages of people. Due to time, health, and busy schedule, people do not meet their closest one frequently physically. In this case, this digital way can help you out. You can open a group and invite your friends to join. The group allows making a video call to hang out in a common space and share the feeling.
  • Automatic Response: It is a great feature of all time. This feature helps you to reply automatically whenever you are not available online or busy with your work. So, you can pass information quickly and maintain the relationship with your friend and clients. In this case, some basic information questions and answers need to be set as default. As a result, it meets the thirst of message senders.
  • Make invisible online status: People are busy with their regular personal and professional work. They do not want to respond to messages and receive calls frequently. So, to avoid online availability of their status, they keep themselves hidden. As a result, unwanted calls and messages can be escaped. Besides, if you see others' statuses or posts people cannot identify you as available online.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: If you enable it nobody can sense whether you see messages or not. So, you keep yourself untraced. As a result, the message exchange is paused in your busy time. So, you can perform your regular work smoothly.
  • Customize home screen and Chat Background: Different kinds of new themes and wallpapers are available that are used to change the home screen and chat background. So, it helps to show your app is great and comfortable.
  • Share and send large Files: KB WhatsApp app allows sharing of different formats files such as PDF, MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, Images, Videos, and so on.  Generally, 100 Photos can send at the same time, and audio and video can share up to 50 MB. However, WA allows only 30 images and 16 MB of audio & video files.
  • Increase Text Character Limit: You can write 250 characters to write your post or status lead to detailing your feeling and emotion. But, the official one gives you chance to 136 only to write a post. It is so short. So, you may not express your opinion. As a result, people rely on mod apps like KB WhatsApp.
  • Many Unique Instant Reaction Elements: You find a lot of new emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, Smileys, etc. So, during the chat, you can react instantly to express feelings and emotions.
  • Lock App And Chat: To keep away unwanted access, you can set a lock system by using a passcode, password, pattern, and PIN.
  • Create A Schedule For Sending Messages: Sometimes, advance messages need to be sent. In this case, this KB WhatsApp mod app allows the user to create a different scheduled date and time to send their urgent message. As a consequence, users do not miss important messages.
  • Copy and Download Status: Whatever status other people post you can copy and download without any hassle. But, original app never permits it.

How To Create A Profile Photo Avatar

  1. Go to the user interface of KB WhatsApp APK and from the top right corner click on the 3 dots.
  2. Now, Click on the Setting option.
  3. Then, you find the Avatar option, just tap on it.
  4. After that, you get the option of Create Your Avatar.
  5. After clicking, you find an interface to choose A Skin Tone For Your Avatar.
  6. Click one Skin Tone and then Next.
  7. Choose hair Style and then click on Done the process. But if you want to edit the avatar you can choose many mor options  to design you Avatar.


Can I back and restore the files?

Yes, you can back and restore the files easily. You have to enable backup daily, weekly, and monthly on your selected Gmail, Google Drive, Mega, and so on. The files save what your exchange and share. From the backup file, you can extract and restore it in the future.

Can I face any legal issues if I install the app?

No, you do not need to address any legal issue as all legal procedures were carried out properly before starting its journey in the market. So, you don’t fear illegal effects.

In A Nutshell

KB WhatsApp APK performs more excellently than any other similar modified apps. As a result, it defeats other competitors to curve its position in the market. Day by day, the position is getting strengthened. Overall, it is the best to use. So, you can decide positively without hesitation.

KB WhatsApp

27.00 whatsappdl

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