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Description of HeyWhatsApp

HeyWhatsApp APK is a great mod app that is used to connect and communicate with people all over the world. It is mainly a modified version of the original WhatsApp. People like this unofficial application as it has several features and functions that are not available in the official one.

Generally, the original app does not permit the users to customize the features and functions. But, this modified app gives you chance to customize and change the design at your own will.

Features Of HeyWhatsApp

This app includes different interesting and cool features and functions. So, let’s see to get a brief idea about the app.

  • Free Messaging App: The app is 100% free. you need not pay money or dollars from your credit card to install and enjoy its features.
  • Keep Both Accounts: Users can use and keep both original and mod apps simultaneously. In this case, they need to tackle any technical problems. So, 2 apps can use to fulfill 2 purposes. As a result, you do not get confused about the connected groups.
  • Anti-Delete Option: You can see all messages and statuses after deleting if you activate the option. So, there is no chance to lose valuable messages and statuses. The amazing matter is that you can respond to deleted messages and statuses as well.
  • Lightweight App: HeyWhatsApp application consumes low battery charge and internet data as it occupies a small space from the memory of the device. If you install it your device does not lose the speed of navigation. So, you can operate your ap[p and device smoothly.
  • Interesting Themes: Itincludes more themes than the official WhatsApp. You can Personalize the app interface by using these themes. The interesting matter is that you can customize the themes before setting them.
  • More Colorful Wallpapers: Changing wallpapers to change the chat background. That looks great. You find many wallpapers to choose from in the modified app.
  • Manage privacy effectively: Users can enable several options to handle privacy such as last seen and online, concealing profile photo and description from other contacts, hiding status, blocking contact numbers, and using the pattern, password, PIN, and fingerprint to lock your app and chat option. So, you can safeguard your private data & information.
  • Safe And Secure From The Threats: The latest HeyWhatsApp app updates regularly to get rid of risky elements that harm your devices such as bugs, malware, and viruses. So, you run the app smoothly to communicate with people.
  • Hide Blue and Double Ticks: If you see the message blue ticks and double ticks indicate. But, if you hide the blue ticks nobody understands whether you see the messages or not. In this case, you can hide online availability. Nobody sends further messages to bother you.
  • Message scheduling: Official WhatsApp does not have the option to schedule messages. But, the modded one gives you chance to maintain the date and time to schedule the messages to send. So, do not forget to send important messages to your friends and family. You can send advance wishes for different occasions such as birthdays, and marriage anniversaries.
  • Back-Up And Restore The Files: The modified app back up files daily, weekly, and monthly. If you want to restore the backup file you can do it. So, don’t fear losing the file at any time.
  • Default Anti-Ban Feature: App authority enables the Anti-Ban features. You never get caught in a ban. So, don’t lose the messages, files, and images that you share and exchange at different times and dates.
  • Many Launcher Icons: HeyWhatsApp application has 75 launcher icons. You can select your favorite icon from the icons lists and click on your necessary one to change within a few seconds.
  • Share Large Files Of Different Formats: Generally, the Official wants app allows only 16 MB of audio & video files and 30 images simultaneously. But, the mod app increased it to 50 MB audio & video, and 100 images.
  • Disable Messages Forwarding Tag: If you forward messages, normally, that contain the tag of forwarding. But, if you want to vanish the forwarding tag you can do it easily by enabling the option.
  • Change Text Fonts: Users can change different text fonts while creating any status that leads to differentiating one from one status to another. So, it grabs the attention of the users.

How To Open A Group By Using HeyWhatsApp

  1. Open HeyWhatsApp APK first ad then click on the 3 dots from the right corner of the app interface.
  2. Finding several options surfaced from those you can click on the New Group.
  3. Then, see the contact list. Now, you can select the contacts from your list to add the group.
  4. Go below and click on the green arrow.
  5. Now, you get a box to type the subject or group name.
  6. Click on the green tick the below.
  7. After that, add the group description in brief.
  8. Finally, you click on the circle to add a profile picture to complete the basic setting.
  9. At last, you can click on Add option to join more people in the group. Besides, you find an Invite option to invite people to join your group.

How To Exit From The Group

  1. Go to the group chat interface.
  2. Tap on 3 dots from the top right side.
  3. Now, you find several options, you just click on More option from these surfacing option.
  4. Finally, you see the Exit Group.
  5. At last click on Exit to finish the process.


Does HeyWhatsApp get compatible with or support all Androids?

Yes, it supports low-end devices to high-end devices without any problem. This is because the app is lightweight that occupies small space from the device's RAM. So, it is not a heavy burden for your Android smartphone.

Can I clear all previous messages?

If you want to clear and clean your chat option you can do it with one click. As a result, your previous chat disappears. If you create back up you can restore or else you never find the messages. 

In Conclusion

HeyWhatsApp APK is popular for its extra and advanced features.

New and latest features attract millions of people worldwide. So, it gains popularity. As a result, communication lovers frequently choose the app. now, you can connect and communicate easily without reaching physically people. Everything happens digitally by using the mod app.


21.00.0 HeyWhatsApp

57.15 MB

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