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Description of Hawa WhatsApp

Hawa WhatsApp APK is a new modified app that is customized from the official WA.

People love it for its latest extra features. People love its unique features that are not available in other mod communication apps. The latest Hawa WhatsApp application includes some extra features and functions that are interesting and attractive giving users a nice experience.

It has a violated and a red version. The amazing matter is that you need not pay for installing it. It is 100% free for Android users. It helps you to meet millions of people virtually 20/7 all over the globe. You can exchange messages and make audio & video calls to reach people.

Besides, users can open a group and invite others to join the group. You can do group chats and make a group video call to hang out with your friends. So, you can connect and communicate with an unlimited number of people using the Hawa WhatsApp application for free.

Features of Hawa WhatsApp

There are many modified messenger apps in the world. But, among all, this app provides more attractive features and functions. So, let’s see below to get a short idea about the app.

Recover Lost Messages: Sometimes, intentionally, or unintentionally sender and receiver deleted the important messages. No problem, this app has an anti-deleted option that allows for recovering lost messages.

Hide Online Status: By enabling the option, you can hide your contacts and status from the audience. This option helps to avoid unwanted communications, messages, and calls.  Sometimes, promotional calls and messages also can be avoided.

More Beautiful Themes: About 100 new themes it includes that can use to change the outlook and appearance of the app. Females or girls like its colorful themes very much.

More Instant Reaction Elements: During the chat, you need to react instantly. You can express your love, laugh, surprise, and thanks. In this case, you get more differentiated emojis, emoticons, smileys, GIFs, stickers, and so on.

Lightweight App: Hawa WhatsApp app occupies a small space from your Android RAM. It also consumes low system resources. As a result, your device does not get slow down. Overall, it drains your battery and internet data slowly.

Anti-Ban Feature: The anti-ban features. You don’t get caught in a ban. So, you do not fear losing your necessary messages and shared documents from the app.

Change the light mode to dark mode: With time and environment, you can change the modes that help to mitigate your eye strain and eye soreness.

Pin Important Messages: This WhatsApp Hawa application allows the users to pin 3 chats at the top. You can find these messages within a short time.

Change Text Size And Fonts: 3 sizes and fonts you can choose small, medium, and large.

Change other in-built factors: You can change color, background color, chat bubble, and icon Type.

Lock the Chat: Sometimes you have some private chat that you can lock with a password. So, you can protect your privacy and security. You can use 3 types of locks such as pattern, PIN, and password.

Auto reply: It helps the user when they are not available online. It automatically replies to welcome and sends some messages to keep informed people. It is so useful to give basic questions and answers to the customers. So, customers get satisfied.

Additional Call Tab: It displays Call History within the sidebar of the app. So, you can find call history within a short time and easily 

How To Hide The Last Seen Of the Hawa WhatsApp

  1. Go to the home screen of the Hawa WhatsApp APK and click on the 3 dots.
  2. Now, click on the setting.
  3. After that, you find several options to choose. Just click on the Privacy Option.
  4. Then, you find the Last Seen option to enable. You get several options to select such as Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody and Select My Contact Except. You keep tick on “My Contact Except”.
  5. Finally, the option activates.

How To Change The Text Size And Fonts Hawa WhatsApp

  1. Go to the home screen and click on the 3 dots from the top right corner.
  2. Now, tap on the setting.
  3. And then, click on the Chats option.
  4. Now, you get several options, click on font size to select from small, medium, and large.

WhatsApp Hawa Installation Guide For Android Users

  1. Before downloading and installing the Hawa WhatsApp APK version, you need to remove the original WhatsApp. Otherwise, you may face some technical problems.
  2. Enable the Unknown Source from the Mobile section following several sections – Setting > Security > Unknown Source.
  3. Now, click on the download button from this website. On this website, you find the updated version of this app.
  4. Locate the download and install the app.
  5. Now, enter the phone number and put OTP.
  6. Finally, add your name, profile picture, and description briefly about you.
  7. At last, it is prepared to use.


What is Hawa WhatsApp?

This is a digital communication app. If you install it you can connect and communicate with people virtually by exchanging messages and voice notes. Besides, it allows the users to make audio & video calls to reach their friends and family whenever they want.

In addition, you can create a group to make group call and hang out by making video call.

Does Hawa WhatsApp update regularly?

Yes, this WhatsApp Hawa app is updated regularly to fix risky elements such as spyware, malware, bloatware, threats, and viruses. You get a clean app to use smoothly. So, you can communicate without facing any hassle. Consequently, you never need to deal with safety and security issues.

Did Hawa Whatsapp follow all legal papers and procedures?

Yes, it completed all legal procedures and rules before coming into the market. There is no document found that it violates the legal standards. So, users do not face any legal hassle.


Hawa WhatsApp APK is a great communication app to connect millions of people daily. You do not go to any area to understand the culture, language, and society. This app helps to meet your different countries' friends resulting in perceiving the local culture they practice.

So, you can use the app for better communication.

Hawa WhatsApp

37 Hawa WhatsApp

81.61 MB

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Hawa WhatsApp




81.61 MB

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