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Description of GBWhatsApp

From below, you can download GBWhatsApp APK to your Android.

GBWhatsApp is a fantastic modified version application of the original WhatsApp. It is attractive for the users as it keeps official one’s all features and adds some new features. You can communicate all over the world by chatting, making audio and video calls, and creating groups to build a community.

To join the group, you can invite people. The amazing matter is that by making group call, you can hang out with the group members. People like the GBWhatsApp app most for its customization and modification option. You can change the user interface as you want.

Features of GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp app creates its distinctive position in the mod app market for its unique features. Its smooth features and functions help you to maintain effective communication with people. So, worldwide, the appeal of the app is increasing day by day.

Auto Reply: This mod app allows you to set up an autoreply. Whenever you are out of the internet connection, auto-reply helps to exchange messages automatically. So, it is a wonderful feature of this social app.

Share large audio & video clips: This third-party application permits you to share up to 100 MB of audio and 50 MB of video share at the same time. But original WhatsApp only allows sharing 16 MB. So, people choose the app to share large files.

Allowing to use 2 accounts: You can keep and use 2 GBWhatsApp accounts simultaneously. You do not face any problem in this case. So, you can serve your two purposes by using 2 separate accounts. So, communication gets easier.

Protecting your privacy: There is an option to hide your online status, hide double tick, blue ticks, hide forward tags, set a password to protect your chart message, hide recording or typing messages. As a result, people do not identify whether you are online or not.

Anti-ban system: It has anti-ban features. Users do not get caught in a ban. So, you do not lose your important messages and files whatever you exchange and share with your friends at different times.

More customization elements: GBWhatsApp latest version offering more themes, wallpapers, colors, background colors, fonts, icons that help to customize your app very nicely. Besides, it provides more emojis, stickers, GIFs, emoticons, smileys.

During the chat, you can share these to express your instant mood.

Legal application: This modified communication platform is 100% legal. It never engages in any kind of illegal activities that can create suffering for the users. GB WhatsApp application followed all international legal procedures and standards to set up the app.

So, Android users do not entangle in any kind of hassle and problem.

Message Scheduler: You can create a message schedule to send and share the message at different times. So, there is no chance to forget to send an important message to the target people.

Safe and secure app: This mod app is completely safe and secure. There are no harmful elements such as malware, virus, and threat that affect your device.

Increased characters limits to write status: The latest GBWhatsApp allows you to use 255 characters to write a status. But, official WhatsApp permits only 139 characters. So, using the modified app you can describe your status delicately.

How To Set Profile Picture of GBWhatsApp

Setting Profile Picture is a very important part of this Android app. It helps you to identify easily. Herewith, some simple steps are given to know how to set up the profile picture.

  1. Go to the home of the GBWhatsApp APK.
  2. Now, click on the 3 dots from the top right side.
  3. And then, tap on Setting to go next option.
  4. After that, click on the round icon of the profile picture, again click on the round icon.
  5. Then, you get 2 options to chose 1. gallery and 2. camera. From the gallery, you can choose or select a previously snapped picture to set. Here, the camera option allows snapping an instant picture to set up your profile picture.

How To Set A Complete Profile of GBWhatsApp

Profile setting is a very essential part of the application to set information about you. If you set up it people can easily identify who you are.

  1. Open the home screen of the GBWhatsApp APK from your phone.
  2. Now, click on the 3 dots from the top right side.
  3. After that, tap on Setting to go next option.
  4. And then, click on the round icon of the profile picture, again click on the profile picture round icon.
  5. Now, you get 4 parts to fill out 1. Profile Picture, 2. Name 3. About and 4. Phone. So, you just fill up every section and then save.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This section is designed with some questions and answers where you find specific information to fulfill your needs. Generally, questions and answers are thought based on people’s minds.

What is GBWhatsApp used for?

GBWhatsApp app is used for communication virtually all over the globe. You can make audio & video calls, chat by exchanging text messages. Besides, you can create groups. The groups allow you to make group call and hang out with the group members or friends. It is a very effective communication tool as it has several extra new features that are not available in official WhatsApp.

Do both Original and GB WhatsApp use at the same time?

Yes, you can use both official and modified versions GB WhatsApp concurrently. You do not face any technical problems if you use and keep this app. So, you can fulfill your different purposes using 2 different accounts.

Is GBWhatsApp risky?

Some people feel doubt that GB WhatsApp is risky. Here, you are assured that it is not risky for your device as it does not contain any element that is harmful. So, without any hesitation, you can install and use the app for your convenient communication.


GBWhatsApp APK is a highly recognized and popular modded version of official WhatsApp.

It is a wonderful modified instant messenger app that allows you to communicate with people all over the world. It distinguishes itself from other similar mod applications by offering several attractive new and latest features and functions.

So, people like it for the sake of smooth communication.


19.53.1 gbwhatsapp

70.43 MB

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