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Description of FAWhatsApp

FAWhatsApp APK is a well-designed mod app that transformed from the official WA including customizing features that enhance and improve the user's experience. It offers basic features with extra. Now, you can send messages and make calls through the app effectively and efficiently.

People want to install those communication apps that have great flexibility to modify by adding and deducting features.

In this case, you are assured that the latest FAWhatsApp application gives you many elements to change the app's appearance and chat background that helps to increase the beauty and comfortability of the app to connect and communicate with people all over the globe.

Key Features of FAWhatsApp App

  • Explore The Contacts Who Access Your Account:  You can identify the people who access your account. As a result, you can create a list of who wants to see your status and who does not allow it. So, you can share your post with the customer contacts and if needed restrict others.
  • Small App File Size:  this lightweight app tends to occupy small space from the memory of the Android phone. So, your device does not gets burdened. As a result, the device never becomes slows down. So, you can navigate and operate the app and device smoothly.
  • Create Long Status: FAWhatsApp mod app increases the characters limit more than the original one. It gives you chance to write 250 characters to post a status on your wall. On the other hand, WhatsApp permits only 139. So, the mod app is useful to make descriptive status.
  • Share More Photos Than Official one: This app allows you to share 100 images at the same time. However, only 30 images are allowed to share by WhatsApp. So, people go for this mod app for this advantage.
  • Send Large Files: The modified app helps you to send comparatively large files. so, you can share different professional documents.
  • Share Different Formats of Files: The app can allow attaching and sharing PDF, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Images, and videos.
  • Attractive Instant Reaction Symbols: During the chat, you can express your emotions and feeling using nice emoticons, emojis, stickers, GIFs, and smileys.
  • Protect your Private Issues: Whatever you share nobody can get access as you can restrict the access as you use a password, PIN, and fingertip. So, unnecessary access can be avoided.
  • Nice New Themes: Themes can use to change the user interface of the app attractively. In this FAWhatsApp app, you get many new themes than the original WA. So, you can set themes and modify the outlook of the app.
  • Many New Wallpapers: The wallpaper is used to change the chat background. Mod app provides many eye-catchy wallpapers to change the chat background resulting in you can find a great chat background. So, you get a comfortable chat background to chat.
  • Create Group: The app allows users to create a group and invite people to join. It has a system of making group video calls to hang out with friends virtually. Business people can conduct a small virtual meeting to take the decision.
  • Auto Reply: No problem whether you are online or not. There is an auto-reply system to answer people’s questions by giving basic information.
  • Schedule Messages: It is a wonderful feature as simultaneously you can send several messages in advance by setting dates and times. So, you never miss any necessary and important files and messages to send.
  • Anti-Ban System: Avoiding the get caught in a ban as it has an anti-ban feature. So, do not fear losing previously shared messages and documents.
  • Create Profile Avatar: Following different styles and outfits, you can create an avatar to set a profile.
  • Sent Messages in different Formats: You can write text, attach pictures, snap pictures, and record voice notes to keep up the chatting.
  • Two Sticker Packs: To bring a variety of stickers, this FAWhatsApp latest version includes 2 stickers packs that help to run conversation more attractive.
  • Legal and Safe App: All legal and safety rules and standards were followed before launching the app in the market.
  • Updates Regularly: To fix the threats like viruses, bugs, and malware, it updates regularly. So, you can get rid of unsafe and risky elements and you find a clean app.

How To Set A Profile Picture of FAWhatsApp

It is an important portion to set after installing the app on your android device as it helps to surface your identity of you to others. so, let's see how to set the profile picture of the FAWhatsApp account.

  1. Go to the home screen of the FAWhatsApp APK now.
  2. From the top right side corner, you can click on 3 dots.
  3. Now, popups some options, you just tap on the Setting.
  4. After that click on the round portion.
  5. Then, get 2 options - Gallery and Camera. You can get saved pictures in the gallery to set your profile picture. Besides, you can snap an instant picture by using the camera.
  6. Finally, you drag and drop the picture to set it properly.
  7. At last, click outside of the round box, and the picture saves. If you change in future you can do it.


Why do you use FAWhatsApp?

It is used for connecting and communicating with people virtually. You can message and make audio & video calls without spending a single penny from your pocket. It is free to install as well as its features.

Is FAWhatsApp risky?

No, it does not have a risk that endangers your android device. Update and upgrade always to clean threats.

Can I install both the original and the mod at the same time?

Yes, you can install both apps without facing any technical glitches. So, your device does not fall into any vulnerable situation.

In The End

FAWhatsApp APK is so excellent that millions of users use it to communicate daily. You can use it for personal and professional purposes. There is no evidence that it entangles any illegal activities. So, you do not face any legal and safety hassles at any time.


7.75 Fatheel

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