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Description of ARWhatsApp

ARWhatsApp APK is a modified messaging and audio & video calling app customized from official WhatsApp. People consider it as an alternative to the original one. It differentiates its position by including and excluding some new features and functions.

The latest ARWhatsApp app helps you massively to connect and communicate with millions of people worldwide. So, you can avoid physical meetings frequently by keeping in touch virtually. There are many WhatsApp mods in the market to use for communication.

Among all of them, it is the best for its beautiful appearance and effective functions. Now, you can use the app to message your friends 24/7 to inform the of personal and professional issues. Besides, it allows people to make audio and video calls to reach people in every corner of the world.

In addition to permitting to open a group and invite friends to join the group. The ARWhatsApp application group video call is wonderful because that gives you chance to hang out with participating members. So, it looks convivial time passing a virtual place.

Key Features of ARWhatsApp

The attractive features of the app make it memorable. To see some features, go to the below.

  • Hide Online Status: Some people always shower with messages and calls when seeing friends online. In this case, to avoid unwanted and unnecessary messages and calls, you can hide your online availability.
  • Back-Up and Restore the Data and Information: When you update and reset the app there is a chance to lose your shared messages and files. So, you need to save it. In this circumstance, you can enable backup daily, weekly, and monthly. As a result, when information is required you can restore and use it.
  • Finding Many Instant Reaction Symbols: You get more smileys, emojis, emoticons, stickers, and add GIFs. These elements help the people during the chat to react to different feelings in different ways by sharing attractive signs and symbols.
  • Lightweight App: ARWhatsApp app occupies very small space from Android Memory or RAM. You install it that does not get a heavy burden for your device resulting in your device does not slow down.
  • Automatic Reply: The custom text is designed to answer people’s queries when users are not available online. So, there is no break up in the communication. So, business people like this option very much.
  • Modify Chat Background: The app has many colorful wallpapers to change the background of the chat. It changes the beauty and comfort of exchanging messages. So, people choose the app for their convenience.
  • Colorful Background for Creating Written Status: Users find many nice and colorful backgrounds to post statuses that help to attract viewers.
  • Text Fonts And Styles: It offers many text fonts to write statuses. You can select one to create a post.
  • Many Themes: ARWhatsApp latest version has more themes than the original WA. So, you can choose your likable one from the list to modify the appearance or outlook of the app.
  • Create Longer Statuses: Mod app allows 250 characters to create a detailed written status. So, you can narrate your opinion, feeling, and emotions expressive way. But, the official one allows only 139 characters that are not sufficient to explain anything in a detailed way. As a result, people like the mode app.
  • Share Different Formats Files: PDF, MS Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, images, and videos are allowed to share. So, you can easily maintain personal and business communication.
  • Share Large Files: Simultaneously, 100 images can share via ARWhatsApp application. Up to 50 MBs of other files can be shared without any hassle.
  • Download and Copy Statuses: Users can download different videos and images from others' statuses and copy written text without facing any restrictions. But, the original one does not permit us to download and copy anything of others. Whatever you download and copy you can share it with others.
  • Schedule Messages: At the same time, users can send many advance messages by creating different dated schedules. Generally, people have a forgetful mind. Sometimes, they miss some important messages to send. In this case, if you create the schedule you never face problems.
  • Pin Messages: Important messages can be pinned to search and find easily.

How To Download And Install ARWhatsApp APK Version

It is simple and easy for Android Users. Several steps are shared below to follow to be done it easily and quickly.

  1. First of all, you need to enable the Unknown Source of the Android Settings. To activate the option, click on the 3 steps consecutively -Setting > Security > Unknown Source.
  2. Now, download ARWhatsApp APK version app from this website. You just tap on the download option of the page where you stay now.
  3. Then, wait for a few seconds to complete the download.
  4. After that, locate the file from the file manager.
  5. Click on the APK file to open the app. Now, click on the install button to finish the process
  6. Finally, Open the app
  7. At last, set the profile name, picture, and description to prepare to use and communicate.


Can I make an audio video call for unlimited time for free?

Yes, you can make audio & video calls for an unlimited without payment time that helps to connect known and unknown people all over the globe.

Can I enable DND mode through the ARWhatsApp?

Of course, you can hide from the online by enabling Don’t Disturb Mode (DND). So, people cannot exchange messages and make calls to communicate with you. As a result, you can maintain a busy schedule smoothly.

Is ARWhatsApp safe, secure, and legal?

Yes, it is 100% safe, secure, and legitimate. This is because it updates regularly to fix unwanted and risky elements and follows all legal procedures. So, users need not tackle any hassle.

In Conclusion

ARWhatsApp APK eases to connect and communicate with people digitally very effectively. You do not need to go physically to meet your relatives frequently. As a result, keeping up relationships and communication gets convenient. So, you can install the app and enjoy its great new features.

ARWhatsApp ARWhatsapp

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