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AN WhatsApp

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Description of AN WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp APK is an unofficial communication tool that is converted from official version by developer Ammar. It provides you with the existing all features with several extra new features. You add internal and external elements to customize the app i.e. modify the interface and chat background.

This is because the app includes many colorful themes, wallpapers, and icons to change the entire app. The latest AN WhatsApp application is one of the most popular mods among all other. This is because it has many latest features that are not available in other similar modified apps.

As a result, worldwide, people choose it as a communication digital way.

Significant Features Of AN WhatsApp App

  • Copy and download Status: The mod app permits users to copy and download the friends' status i.e. written text, images, and videos.
  • Send messages to unsaved contacts: You can send text messages to the numbers that are not saved on your mobile phone. So, no problem, you find unrestricted communication taste.
  • Anti-Ban: Never get caught in a ban as the mod app has an anti-ban feature. Generally, a ban has a risk factor. You lose your share data and information if you fall into a ban. Don’t worry, this app has an anti-ban.
  • Freeze The Last Seen: AN WhatsApp latest version allows users to keep themselves hidden from online availability. So, no one can trace whether you are online or not.
  • Hiding Double Ticks: Other users do not sense whether you see the message or not. This is because if you disable the option it never gets highlighted.
  • Copy Profile Description: Others users' profile descriptions can copy and edit & use.
  • Create Schedule: If you need to send messages on different dates and times in advance you can yous the schedule option. So, you never miss important messages to send. People's mind is forgetful. So, they like this option.
  • Safety And Security Locks: Users can protect their private messages by locking the chat. In this case, you can use a pattern, password, and PIN. So, nobody can get access your chat option.
  • Download Stories And Statuses: AN WhatsApp app allows you to download Stories and statuses. So, you can share it on your wall, but if you need to modify the images and videos a bit.
  • Stop Forward Tag: The app users forward messages to other users. But, it shows a forward tag. If you disable the forward tag it is never shown after forward.
  • Prevent Deletion Of Messages: You can see and reply to the sender’s deleted messages. Whatever messages and files the sender’s erased no message wiped out from your end if you enable the anti-deleted option.
  • Hide Typing & Recording:  During the chat, if you write text and record voice notes it is shown the opposite person’s chat background. You can disable it resulting in no pop-up being available to show.
  • Chat Backup and Restore: Generally, you lose your messages and files if you do not create a backup. you can create daily, weekly, and monthly backups. So, everything is saved automatically. Whenever you want to extract or restore the backup file you can do it easily.
  • Small Size App: AN WhatsApp app occupies low space from the Android RAM resulting in it is not a great burden. So, you can operate and navigate the app and device smoothly and easily.
  • More Instant Reactions Signs: Users choose many new attractive instant reaction elements that help to show emotion and feeling. The elements are available emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFS, smileys, etc.

How To Export Chat Of AN WhatsApp

The interesting matter is that exported chats are shared with your friends. So, let’s see below the steps on how to export the chat.

  1. Open the AN WhatsApp APK and go to this mod app’s home screen.
  2. Then, from the top right corner, click on the 3 dots.
  3. Now, several options are surfaced. Among the all, just click on the Setting option.
  4. Tap on the Chats.
  5. After that, click on the chat history.
  6. Then again, tap on the Export Chat option.
  7. Select a person from your chat list.  2 options pop up – Without Media and Include Media. You can choose one to click.  Include Media to increase the size of the file.
  8. To export Suggest several options such as Gmail, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Mega, and so forth.
  9. Select one from the list i.e. Google Drive. You can select a previous folder or create a new folder to keep.
  10. Crawl below to choose your Gmail and then click on save and complete the process.


What is AN WhatsApp?

It is a modified app to connect and communicate with people to make friends. The app allows you to meet millions of people every day. For this reason, you can use this app to send messages, make audio & video calls and make a group to hang out with group members.

Is AN WhatsApp mod safe and legal?

This modified messenger app is 100% safe, secure, and legal.

You do not find any unsafe and risky elements that create stress in your mind. This is because all safety cautionary measures are taken to clean the app. The app updates and upgrades regularly to get rid of dangerous threats such as bugs, malware, viruses, etc.

Besides, it followed all legal rules, regulations, and procedures before launching in the market.

Can I make group video calls internationally for free?

Yes, you can make video calls for free all over the planet. It does not incur any cost at any time. So, you can connect and communicate with an unlimited number of people in all countries worldwide. Now, virtual hangout is in your hands if you have an Android and installed AN WhatsApp.

In The End

AN WhatsApp APK is a so famous mod communication app for all ages and classes of people. You can contact people virtually by making audio & video calls and exchanging messages & voice notes. Overall, you meet huge people every day virtually without going physically.

AN WhatsApp

27 Ammar

58.26 MB

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58.26 MB

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