2.60 AMWhatsApp

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Description of AMWhatsApp

AMWhatsApp APK is a modified alternative version of official WhatsApp.

It includes some additional features that are not available in original one. Users choose it for their convenience. The latest AMWhatsApp app allows customizing the appearance adding different colors and backgrounds to create different 4 copies Pink, Red, Blue, and Green.

You can use 4 phone numbers for 4 copies. So, these accounts help to fulfill different purposes.

As a result, you can segregate the communication channels. Whenever any communication carries on you never get confused. Don’t worry, these account supports the users perfectly to connect and communicate with millions of people all over the globe.

Fundamentally, AMWhatsApp application allows you to exchange messages to chat with people.

Besides, you can make audio and video calls through the app. In addition, you get a chance to open a group and invite people to join. The created group is very helpful to hang out with friends virtually by making a video group call. So, you can keep in touch in real-time.

Key Features Of AMWhatsApp

  • Hiding The Online Status: If you do not want to show your online availability you can enable the option. So, nobody senses whether you are online or not. You just enable Last Seen and Online options from the setting.
  • Enable Anti-Deleted Messages And Status: You can see and reply to the deleted messages if you enable the option. You can find deleted Statuses and post if you have an anti-deleted status option enabled. There is no worrying matter to lose your important messages and status.
  • Antiban Service: You can avoid the ban as this AMWhatsApp app has the antiban feature. So, you get worried about losing the valuable messages and documents that you share previously.
  • Scheduling Messages: It’s a wonderful feature of this mod app. If you want to send advance messages maintaining different dates and times you can do. For busy schedules in personal and professional life, sometimes some important messages may miss dispatching. In this case, you can schedule to send to wish different occasions such as marriage anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, and so on.
  • Auto Reply: Whenever you are away from the online this option functions automatically to answer the default questions. It helps to keep continuing the relationship.
  • Download And Copy Status: WhatsApp never allowed people to copy other users' written statuses and download images and videos that were posted. But, AMWhatsApp latest version permits copying and downloading others' statuses.
  • Create A Broadcast List To Send A Message Simultaneously: Users can send 1000 people at the same time by broadcasting option. But, the original WhatsApp allows 256 contacts to enlist or select in each broadcast.
  • Pin Messages And Statuses On The Top Position: It is a very handy option that allows you to keep important messages and statuses on the top resulting in you do not need to search when you want to reuse the messages and statuses.
  • Share Large Files: AMWhatsApp application permits its users to share large files of different formats i.e. PDF, MS Word, Excel, & Powerpoint, Images, videos, and so on. Generally, WhatsApp allows sending 16 MB of video and audio at the same time but the mod app increased it to 30 MB of the video file and 100 MB of audio clips.
  • More Instant Reaction Elements: The modified app offers and adds more instant reaction elements than the original one. So, people can choose many options to react instantly while chatting. It includes more smileys, emojis, emoticons, GIFs, and so on.
  • Block Contacts not sending messages and maintain communication: Sometimes, some unwanted calls and messages are coming from unknown numbers that are possible to block like business promotional calls and messages.
  • Enable DND Mode: You don’t feel disturbed while you dealing with a busy schedule as you do not find any notification of messages and calls. So, you can work smoothly by avoiding communication with others.
  • Great Privacy: Several options you can enable to protect your privacy and security such as last seen and online, hiding profile photo and description from others, hiding status, blocking contacts, and using the password, PIN, pattern, and fingerprint to lock your app and chat. As a consequence, you can protect your privacy and private information.

How to Hide My Online Availability

  1. Go to the user interface of AMWhatsApp APK and click on the 3 dots.
  2. Then, tap on Setting.
  3. After that, click on the Account option.
  4. Now, click on again Privacy.
  5. Finally, tap on Last Seen.
  6. At last, hide the online status.

How Do I Enable The Photo Upload Quality Of AMWhatsApp

  1. Go to the user interface of the app and click on 3 dots from the top right side of the home screen.
  2. After that, click on setting.
  3. Then, tap on the option “Storage and Data”.
  4. Now, click on the Photo upload quality.
  5. Finally, you get 3 options to tick such as Auto, Best Quality, and Data saver.
  6. At last, tick on the option and click on Ok to activate.


Can I find good-quality images and videos that are shared?

Yes, you can find original quality and resolution pictures and videos that share and send. So, you can share it with others without damage.

Can I change the language?

Yes, you can change your necessary languages if you want. You just go to the setting and click on language. After that, you identify a list of languages to select and enable your one.

What is AMWhatsApp used for?

It can be used as a messenger app to connect and communicate with people all over the planet. Users can exchange text to chat, make audio & video calls, create a group and invite others to join the group. The wonderful fact is that by making a group video call you can hang out with the group members.


AMWhatsApp APK is an excellent mod communication or messenger app that defeats others by adding many new features. The app is so attractive for people to communicate and keep in touch always. Day by day, the appeal is increasing for its features and functions.

So, without hesitation for better communication and sharing files, you can install the app.


2.60 AMWhatsApp

36.20 MB

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