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Description of AGWhatsApp

AGWhatsApp APK is one of the most popular and functional modified apps converted from WhatsApp. It offers a lot of new features that are not available in the original one. So, people like it for its latest features such as custom themes, wallpapers, and instant reaction elements.

It is a modified messenger that helps to connect and communicate with people worldwide.

You do not need to go physically to meet. The latest AGWhatsApp app has several functions such as you can send a text message to chat, making audio & video, create a group, and invite to join the group which allows making group calls to hang out with friends in a common virtual place.

Features of AGWhatsApp Application

This mod app gives you the basic features of the official one as well as the extra latest one. Now let’s see some of the eatures that gives a brief idea about the messenger app.

  • Hide online status: Busy people want to keep themselves away from online. If users enable the option no unwanted calls and messages disturb or bother as it keeps users invisible to others.
  • Change the user interface: It offers a wide range of themes and wallpapers that can apply to change the user interface of the app and the background of the chat. So, you can get comfort to use the app.
  • Reliable and trustworthy: You can communicate with millions of people. No security, safety, and legal issues need to be dealt with at any time. All related issues were resolved before coming into the market.
  • Keep more than one account: This AGWhatsApp MOD app allowed to keep multiple accounts at the same time resulting in serving different purposes by different accounts.
  • Increase chracters limits: To post a status, you can write 250 chracters. So, you can express your feeling in a detailed way. But, original WA allows only 139 chracters. So, you cannot explain anything clearly in a short post.
  • Customization: Users can customize different functions and features by using other internal and external elements.
  • Share differently formatted files: AGWhatsApp app permits to share of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Videos, Images, and so on.
  • Communicate unsaved contacts: People can send messages to unsaved numbers. So, communication is comparatively easy.
  • Share large files: The app allows sending 100 images simultaneously. But, the original one only allows sending up to 30 at the same time. 
  • Lock the App: to protect privacy, user can lock their app to stop unwanted access. So, you can set a password, pin, and pattern.
  • Privacy setting: It is very beneficial for the users as they can enable several functions such as hiding online status & last seen, hiding forward message tag, seeing the erased messages & statuses, hiding blue ticks, double ticks, typing, and recording.
  • Pin chat messages: Sometimes, some messages and files use as important documents. It is so cumbersome to search and finds. In this case, you can pin it to find it quickly. 
  • Dark and light mode: Change the mode to save the eyes. Sometimes, long hours using the app created eye soreness and strain. If you select the dark mode that helps to protect your eyes.
  • Create Backup & restore: You do not lose your valuable messages and files as you can create back up and when it is required to restore you can do.
  • Save and copy the statuses: WA bars people to copy and download the status of others. But, AGWhatsApp application gives your a chance to download and comp the status of others.
  • Create a schedule: Sometimes, for some reason, advanced messages and files need to be sent. This mod app has the option to create a schedule and send different dates and times.
  • Hide profile picture: If you hide your profile picture the associated contacts are not able to identify or recognize you.
  • Anti Ban features: You do not get caught in a ban if you enable the antiban feature.
  • 100% free App: This app is a completely free app. you need not pay a single cent from your credit card.

How Do I Create A Status On AGWhatsApp

It is simple and easy to do. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the user interface of the AGWhatsApp APK and click on the status bar or option.
  2. Tap on below pen icon.
  3. Then, you can write text in different fonts, share emojis, smileys, and GIFs, and change the color of the background.
  4. Finally, tap on to post. you can forward share, and share to Facebook, and delete the status. The status remains for only 24 hours and after that, it becomes vanished.

How Do I Change The Language Of The AGWhatsApp

  1. Go to the AGWhatsApp APK interface.
  2. From the top right corner, you click on the 3 dots.
  3. Tap on the Setting option.
  4. Drag down and click on App Language.
  5. Now, getting a list of languages select one. Automatically app languages change.


Do I need to root my Android to use this communication app?

No, you need not root the app to use it.

Why AGWhatsApp is used for?

You can use it for virtual communication worldwide. Presently, it is so difficult to meet people physically. This is because people are so busy. As a result, you can depend on communication messenger apps like AGWhatsApp modified version.

Does AGWhatsApp update regularly?

Yes, this app updates and upgrades regularly to get rid of risky elements such as bugs, threats, malware, and viruses. So, you get a clean app to operate.

Can I use it with other similar apps and official WA?

Yes, you can use it without any hassle. Both official and mod can be used at the same time. So, you can serve different purposes by using multiple apps.

In Conclusion

Communication is quick and easy as the AGWhatsApp and Android are in your hand.

Millions of people in every nook and corner of the world are near you. You can easily connect and communicate by making audio & video calls, exchanging text messages, and creating groups to hang out with this smartphone or tablet application.


35.10 Asim Mahjoub

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