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Description of AG2WhatsApp

AG2WhatsApp APK allows you to do instant messaging on this platform without compromising your privacy or security. So, if you are looking for an alternative cross-platform mod app, then this application will be your ideal choice.

On the latest AG2WhatsApp app, you will find a customized privacy setting, where you can customize everything according to your choice. Moreover, the most attractive feature you will find here is the deep and light pink color theme.

Furthermore, without any restrictions, you can easily share your pictures and videos with your family members. In the official version, you can only send 50 images, but if you wish to send more, then you have to download AG2WhatsApp version.

Its entire features are functional and useful which will give you a smooth experience.

Features Of AG2WhatsApp Application

Here, in this mod version, you will find some key features that are not available in regular WhatsApp. Let’s take a look below.

  • Hide Online Status: In the AG2WhatsApp latest version, you will find the hide option. You can utilize this feature to hide your online status so that when you are online, other contacts won’t find out.
  • Pink Theme: In a regular WhatsApp app, you won’t see a pink theme interface option. But AG2WhatsApp will give you the opportunity to experience the most exciting pink interface design. Basically, pink color obsessions are notable in this app.
  • Lock options: It allows you to set a password so that no one can access your account except you. Along with that, you will find here a fingerprint and pattern lock option. It’s making the WhatsApp APK mod more secure to keep your personal data.
  • Share Boundless Pictures: This app allows you to share more than 50 images without any errors. Now you can share your favorite and most memorable moments with your family and friends more easily than ever.
  • Customize Interface: This app will give you multiple features, and you will find so many options to modify the app to run smoothly. So don’t forget to utilize the customize feature while using the app.
  • Strong Security: End-to-end encryption will keep your messages and calls secure. Therefore, without any hesitation or worry, you can send messages to your closest one or family members.
  • Advanced Emojis: It's true. In the regular WhatsApp app, you will find advanced emojis, which will make your messaging experience more fun and enjoyable. But in the mod version, you will have more choices. For instance, for each mood, you will find an emoji to express your emotion.
  • It keeps the AG2WhatsApp modified version ahead of regular WhatsApp applications.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: The mod version of WhatsApp allows you to hide blue ticks from your selected contacts. Moreover, you can also hide the double-ticks.
  • Voice Changer Option: In the mod version, there are ten speech tones available. Now you can utilize this feature to have fun with your close friends and family members. That will make your mod version of WhatsApp experience more enjoyable.
  • Enhanced Chat Interface: Fet a customization option to change chat interface according to your preference in terms of fonts, themes, and colors to bring variation to the chat interface.
  • Device friendly: AG2WhatsApp app is device friendly. You can use this app on various devices, such as iOS, Android, etc.

How To Download AG2WhatsApp Latest Version

For policy restrictions, you may not be able to find the app on the Google Play Store. Now you may be wondering how you can download this app. Below; I have mentioned some crucial steps. By following this step, you will be able to install the app on your device.

Let’s take a look below.

First Step: From here, download AG2WhatsApp APK for your device.

Second Step: From the setting option, allow third-party apps by enabling the Unknown Source option. Go to setting option > security > enable Unknown Source.

Third Step: Now click the install button and start the installation process.

Fourth Step: After installation, you may notice a warning message. Just skip it and keep continuing the process.

Fifth Step: Then enter your local phone number so that you can connect with your device.

Sixth Step: You will receive an activation code for the number you provided. Then simply activate the code. Enjoy it.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On AG2WhatsApp

Sometimes you may experience some frustrating moments in life, being blocked by your loved one on social media is one of them. You desperately want to figure out what went wrong and whether they really blocked you on social media, such as WhatsApp, or not.

To find out, you can merely use some simple trick to satisfy your insecure and desperate soul. Let's have a look at some specific key points, which will give you ideas to figure it out on your own.

Last Seen

In the first place, you have to check their last seen status. If you won't be able to see when they last used the app, then you have probably been blocked. But you can't be 100 percent sure of these tricks because the app also provides a disabled feature.

Consequently, you may need to use your own instinct.

Profile Picture

If you notice some suspicious people who constantly change their WhatsApp profile, but suddenly you can’t see their profile picture anymore. Then it can be a sign that he or she blocked you.

One Check Mark

If you noticed after sending a message, the second check mark didn’t show up. Then there is a high chance that another person may block you on AG2 WhatsApp. One check mark symbol means that a message has been sent, and two check marks mean a message has been received.

Cut Out Call

You will not be able to call if another person blocks you on social media. When you try, the calls will repeatedly fail. That's another sign that needs to be considered to find out whether you block on the WhatsApp mod APK or not.

Unable To Add AG2WhatsApp Group

To find out that you have been blocked on the AG2WhatsApp application.

You can use the most effective method. Try to include the contacts in your WhatsApp group if you get a message that you are not permitted to add them to your group. Then it’s a good, strong sign that the other person may block you on social media.


What is AG2WhatsApp?

Basically, AG2WhatsApp application is a third-party app. It's considered as reliable as WhatsApp. Moreover, you will find more exclusive features, new functions, themes, interfaces, etc.

How do you know If someone blocked you?

If you can’t see the person's profile photo and status in your contact information, then you can get the idea that the person has maybe blocked you. However, the app also provides the option to hide profiles and statuses from selected contacts.

But with this simple method, you can find out if you are blocked by someone or not.

Do 2 grey ticks on AG2WhatsApp mean I'm blocked?

The two grey ticks mean the message you have sent is delivered. But after the message, there is also a good chance that a person may have blocked you on WhatsApp. So, two grey ticks do not always mean that person has blocked you.


In this modern era, to connect with each other, people use different platforms for communication. However, among all the platforms, the latest version of AG2WhatsApp APK is the best. Since it offers amazing features, customized functions, pink colors, etc.

All these functional qualities make it different from all the communication apps.


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