How To Update WhatsApp Plus New Version

Let’s learn now how to update WhatsApp Plus new version from here,

WhatsApp Plus is a modified and developed version of the original app. You can use this app as a messenger app like the official one without facing any kind of hassle. This mod app is very appealing for its wonderful extra features and functions.

Generally, technologies are not free of unwanted elements.

This is because it goes through a lot of changes. In this case, chances are high to include unnecessary components So, it is very needed to clean the harmful elements, components, and ingredients such as bugs, viruses, malware, threats, and bloatware.

To do so, you often need to update and upgrade to clean, freshen and smoothen the app.

Benefits of Update WhatsApp Plus

  • Fixes the unwanted elements that attack and make vulnerable the devices
  • Increases smoothness and speed of navigation of the app and device
  • Adding new features and functions that are advantageous for the users to exchange text messages, make audio & video calls smoothly
  • Deduct the less important features. So, an option is generated or opened to replace new effective features
  • Finding clean interface and quick dashboard of WhatsApp Plus new version
  • Updates help you to strengthen the security and safety system

So, you can use it without tackling any sort of unwanted problem and hassle.

Presently, people do not like those applications which are not updated and upgraded. The users get afraid that if an old version of the app is downloaded and installed on their device it may create a risky influence on the device to damage their Android device.

In this circumstance, users search and want to know how to update the application.

How To Update WhatsApp Plus New Version App

Let's see the several steps to know how to update new version. Everything is easy and simple, you have to just follow the steps and make happened the update within a short tie.

  1. First of all, open the WhatsApp Plus application from your phone home bar.
  2. Go to the More > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  3. Select the Gmail account exactly where you want to back up your file. (otherwise, directly take backup to your Internal Storage or External Storage)
  4. Press the BACK UP button now.
  5. Uninstall this old version from your device.
  6. Now, download latest WhatsApp Plus application on your Android.
  7. Install and open the messenger application now.
  8. Input your phone number and verify with code.
  9. After completing the verification, click on the RESTORE and choose the backup file.

That's it.

You got the latest version as well as you got the all media files.

The amazing thing is that a message pops up or shows on the screen to download first. If there is no latest version on your device that time an indication is shown to find the available latest version.


In a nutshell, people choose the version that has updating option. This is because the updated version provides you with a smooth navigational and operational facility. So, you get rid of hesitation and doubt. As a result, users take quick decisions to download the app.

So, update WhatsApp Plus new version and enjoy.

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